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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Here's a little selection of some beautiful and practical things I've fallen in love with. Have you decided what to get for your favorite cook yet?

1 - Falcon enamelware
2 - Hand carved measuring spoons by Alder + Co.
3 - An Everlasting Meal by Tamar E. Adler
4 - Waterproof Waxed Canvas lunchbag from Kaufmann Mercantile
5 - Japanese Cast Iron scissors from Mjölk
6 - The market backpack from Brookefarm General Store
7 - Neëst linen kitchen towels
8 - A cheese board, servingboard or cutting board from Red Onion Woodworks
9 - Ambatalia linen bento tote from Anaise
10 - Something living and green, like a box of succulents/herbs or their favorite citrus tree.
image credit: succulents; citrus


  1. great list!! I just finished Everlasting Meal and loved it. I have so many notes in the sidebars. :)

    1. He's a great writer. One of my favorite thoughts I had came from the first chapter. I realized how I need to learn from my own daughter, approaching food the way she does with exploration. For one, she has to taste every single ingredient at every stage, and loves it all. I love that she is more my teacher than I am hers. I should write a blog post about that..

  2. A beautifully curated gift list, Jen (but I wouldn't expect anything less from you). What really speaks to me is the gorgeous leather lunch bag, since I am still packing a lunch for school every day. :) I also have love for the measuring spoons and the enamel cups. And when I live in a little apartment in California I will most certainly have a dwarf citrus (or two!).

    1. thank you Amanda, and I am sure once you + husband are successful lawyers you will have a small grove, at least! Let's be neighbors then.