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As we transition from celebrating Thanksgiving to Christmas and Autumn to Winter, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the quick but beautiful transition we saw outside in the last few weeks. Though all the snow has since melted, and the weather has been surprisingly warm, I miss the color and crunching leaves. Autumn in Utah is far too short of a season..

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All photos taken with iphone, edited with vscocam
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A few things I am especially grateful for this year..

Two beautiful, healthy, and happy children.
Four seasons to celebrate and eat.
Acquaintances who have become dear friends.
Learning more every year I attempt and fail at a garden.
Knowing that children go through common developmental stages, (it's not actual craziness).
Having the strength and ability to bear and birth my children the way I wanted.
Trials I have suffered and fought through, altering who I am.
A loving and selfless husband who makes me laugh every day.
Relations who are the best sort of people.
Music to run, cook, bake, and dance to.
A true gospel.
coconut oil, my other religion.
Thoroughly celebrating Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas.

It's about the little things too.

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I first heard of Waldorf education when I was expecting my oldest, more than three years ago (can we talk about how that seems impossible? Wasn't she born yesterday?!) The depth of it all didn't really make an impression on me as I was drawn more to the beauty and design of their natural, earth based toys. It has only been in the last few months that I've really looked into the details and methods of it, only scratching the surface really, and have adopted some of the approaches that a Waldorf home embraces.

I could spend a long time explaining all I've read and learned, what I agree with and what I don't, even what I found reminiscent of our faith, but you'd be better off learning about Waldorf from others who say it much better than I. So to keep it simple, I love the humanistic and holistic approach of Waldorf education, especially for my little ones. I also love that it is so conscious of the earth and its rhythms (read: the seasons and times), that it is simple, spiritual, and beautiful. It wasn't surprising how well I was drawn to it, I love anything with a natural approach, to movement, food, home, and now parenting and education.

We decided our first Waldorf celebration would be a Martinmas lantern walk. We made lanterns, talked about the changing season and changing light, and how even though it is darker we can share light and warmth with others through kindness and good deeds. Then we lit our lanterns and delivered some cookies to neighbors to (in essence) warm their hearts. When my little one came back and told me she loved sharing her light with others and that her heart felt warm, I knew it was a celebration we would keep. Though we don't really need any more excuses to feed our neighbors..

Is your home a Waldorf home?
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