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When I first started this little blog I wanted to share my favorite recipes with people. Along the way I started posting fewer recipes that I actually used, and tried to come up with unusual dishes, things that I would make once, post about, and never eat again. Eventually I came back around, sharing more of my favorites, and fewer of the one time use recipes. Part of it was because I was discovering so many new favorites, which is a necessity when branching out on a new diet. Sometimes I think I use my blog more than anyone else. It has become my own personal recipe file, and I know what to post about next when I go looking for a recipe on my blog and it's not there.

This cashew cream recipe isn't much of a recipe (cashews and water) but we use it a lot when in need of cream and almond milk isn't thick enough. We've had it with an extra bit of sweetener to go over fresh berries and summer fruit, mixed in soups or sauces, mixed with almond milk for a thicker cream over my morning muesli, granola or stewed oats, in my peanut butter banana shakes, to thicken hot chocolate, or as a cream substitute in ice creams and other desserts and frostings. Omit the sweetener and vanilla if you want to use it for more savory purposes like soup.

Reduce the water content when you want it to be thicker, almost like a pastry cream or cheese (maybe try ravioli?), and increase the amount of water when you want it to be more like a milk. Another thing I have heard about cashew cream, but have yet to try, is that it reduces beautifully when you need an even thicker cream. I have had inklings of making crème fraîche and yogurt out of this; someday.

cashew cream

1 cup cashews, soaked overnight
just enough water to cover cashews
pinch of salt
drizzle of maple syrup or other sweetener
lithe bit of vanilla, optional

After the cashews have soaked overnight, rinse them and cover again with water, letting them soak another 2 - 4 hours (I like them to be really soft).

Rinse and place in blender with barely enough water to cover. Blend until smooth (I use the whole juice button on my blendtec).

If you want, or if your blender didn't do a good enough job at blending the cashews until they were completely soft, strain. This makes about 2 cups of cream.

Use in recipes where you would use cream.


One last note, if you're curious, there is some debate as to whether cashews are actually a "raw" food. The process commonly used to extract the nut from the shell utilizes heat, killing the beneficial enzymes. To learn more about raw foodism and why the enzymes are so important to raw foodists, these articles may be helpful: 1, 2, 3.

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  1. I've heard cashew cream is delicious. I've wanted to try it for a long time. Pinning this!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jen! I'm going to try this.