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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I love breakfast. There are my favorite (and habitual) morning dishes that frequent our table, stewed and soaked grains sweetened with maple syrup paired with crunchy nuts and seeds and bursts of fresh fruit. We can't seem to get enough pancakes on the weekend, though admittedly they'd probably be waffles if we had an iron. Then there are husband's green smoothies that energize and awaken my body with a slice of golden toast smeared with coconut butter. But every now and again I want something hearty, rustic, a little pastoral and entirely savory. This often happens on lazy saturday mornings, for sunday brunch, but mostly on wednesdays. Makes sense, right?

This omelet is an example of those mornings.

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A couple months ago, we started to introduce dairy back into our diets. After being dairy free for over two years we decided to start with cheese and yogurt since all I've read says those tend to be easiest on dairy sensitive systems, next up is raw milk. Things have been going well and the little one even had her first legitimate ice cream cone from an ice cream parlor. Of course it had to be bluebell, loyal to my texan roots.

Though my little toddler has had the time of her life eating string cheese and ice cream every so often, my body has not taken to eating dairy as flawlessly. It's possible that this dairy free business will become a permanent thing and I'm alright with that, especially when I have so many decadent dairy free indulgences to splurge on. This festive Valentine's day dessert is presented in two versions, a dairy version and a raw vegan version for those living without.

I will be demonstrating the dairy version of this recipe saturday morning on Fox 13 news here in SLC. If you're awake around 8, be sure to watch me and my little belly (p.s. I'm pregnant). But then you're probably always awake and watching the news at 8AM on Saturday morning... right?

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Back in October of last year, my little family and I went on our annual raspberry picking venture. We recently discovered frozen raspberries in our freezer that reminded me of fall's harvest and the warm sun that ended our berry picking exploit short because it got so hot, those were the days... Then I began to dream of ice cream, tarts and other sweet things I could make with the frozen berries, and realized I had better move quickly before my husband swiped them and put them into a green smoothie. It seems like he has been trying anything and everything lately. Can I admit that pea smoothies are not a favorite?

Though they'd undoubtedly be delicious in a normal green smoothie, let's make ice cream instead.

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