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Typically around this time of year, lawns are covered with layers of past snowstorms, each melted a little and refrozen during the cold nights, then given a fresh powdering of new snow not many days following. Instead, this winter I have seen more blue skies, frosty windows, and green-ish brown grass than any other January I can remember. It has been a strange winter, although I have been secretly grateful for the fair weather as we lost part of our roof in a freak windstorm not too long ago..

Even though we've only had enough snowstorms to count on one hand, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying the winter meals we habit around this time of year, roasted vegetables, creamy soups, crusty breads, boxes and boxes of citrus, and stick to your bones desserts. I'm sure the majority of you out there are planning meals with health and a low calorie count in mind, but for us January is when we nestle into the rhythm of winter, a slow pace, hearty meals that sustain us through the cold days, and quiet early evenings with a good book in hand or favorite movie to watch, with or without forecast snow. Admittedly, there may be a green smoothie in there every now and again.

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