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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

When summer rolls around we are seldom in the kitchen. Meals that take little time to prepare and even less time to eat are the norm. The majority of what we inhale include fresh and local yummies, and whatever begins to show up on the farm or at the market (I cannot wait for peaches!).

Here is an example of a lunch this past week.

We were out of bread, so we used rice cakes. But bread would be just fine, although I heartily enjoyed the crunch of the cakes.

Smear some soft cheese or sweetened/salted cold (and thick) coconut cream on your rice cake, then slice strawberries and peaches on top, and a tomato slice on another. Atop the strawberry and peach slices, drizzle a bit of honey, then drizzle a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper on the tomato slice. eat!


  1. I never thought of using rice cakes in this way--LOVE it!

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing today. While meal planning can be helpful most of the year, in the summer I love to plan my meals around the freshest, most flavorful fruits and veggies. Caprese salads, herb salads with cherry tomatoes, and pizzas consistently end up making the weekly rotation.

  3. yes, meals that don't require the oven or stove to be on are my faves during the warmer months...