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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

If it weren't for the building sized striped and starred flags being hung along our town's center street all week, I would have totally forgotten that this weekend will be the big Independence day celebration (totally thought we had another week). I love that it will make for an extra long weekend. How could I have not been preparing myself? Planning barbeque and picnic menues, when and where we will be attending parades, festivals, and events, where we will be watching the fireworks, and just as importantly, what we will be eating for dessert to cool us off.

Here are a number of our favorite summer dishes and meals, a few we may be using this weekend (does it surprise you that the majority are desserts?) ha!

tomato sandwiches with arugula pesto
fire grilled portabello burgers 
pesto pizza with mixed greens
quinoa salad

old fashioned lemonade (or maybe lavender or pineapple)
some snacks for the parade, festival, etc.
lots of fresh veg with a creamy dill dip on the side

fresh peach ice cream with early summer peaches or canned ones from last summer
avocado key lime pie
some fresh fruit with vanilla sugar and coconut cream
brown sugar cake with fresh summer fruit and cream
chocolate buckwheat ice cream sandwiches
layered jello - strawberry, coconut and blueberry maybe?
maybe layering strawberry and rhubarb sorbet, vanilla or coconut vanilla ice cream, and pureed blueberries in popsicle molds for portable and patriotic desserts.

what are you planning to eat this weekend?

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  1. fresh berry picking saturday morn and i have every intention of holding my darling's hand the entire 3 days that we're off work. we're baking a cake together, maybe a run, farmer's market, a quiet bbq with friends by the water.

    happy 4th Jen... i look fwd to seeing your instagram pix of baby jane on FB!