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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

If it weren't for the building sized striped and starred flags being hung along our town's center street all week, I would have totally forgotten that this weekend will be the big Independence day celebration (totally thought we had another week). I love that it will make for an extra long weekend. How could I have not been preparing myself? Planning barbeque and picnic menues, when and where we will be attending parades, festivals, and events, where we will be watching the fireworks, and just as importantly, what we will be eating for dessert to cool us off.

Here are a number of our favorite summer dishes and meals, a few we may be using this weekend (does it surprise you that the majority are desserts?) ha!

tomato sandwiches with arugula pesto
fire grilled portabello burgers 
pesto pizza with mixed greens
quinoa salad

old fashioned lemonade (or maybe lavender or pineapple)
some snacks for the parade, festival, etc.
lots of fresh veg with a creamy dill dip on the side

fresh peach ice cream with early summer peaches or canned ones from last summer
avocado key lime pie
some fresh fruit with vanilla sugar and coconut cream
brown sugar cake with fresh summer fruit and cream
chocolate buckwheat ice cream sandwiches
layered jello - strawberry, coconut and blueberry maybe?
maybe layering strawberry and rhubarb sorbet, vanilla or coconut vanilla ice cream, and pureed blueberries in popsicle molds for portable and patriotic desserts.

what are you planning to eat this weekend?

When summer rolls around we are seldom in the kitchen. Meals that take little time to prepare and even less time to eat are the norm. The majority of what we inhale include fresh and local yummies, and whatever begins to show up on the farm or at the market (I cannot wait for peaches!).

Here is an example of a lunch this past week.

We were out of bread, so we used rice cakes. But bread would be just fine, although I heartily enjoyed the crunch of the cakes.

Smear some soft cheese or sweetened/salted cold (and thick) coconut cream on your rice cake, then slice strawberries and peaches on top, and a tomato slice on another. Atop the strawberry and peach slices, drizzle a bit of honey, then drizzle a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper on the tomato slice. eat!

this is brilliant. Although I will admit to taking new plastic bags home to reuse (or use for the first time) on purpose, I think we could all benefit from less waste in our lives, even if it only means one less walk to the garbage can. you know, those big smelly ones that you dread touching with your bare flesh - not just me right? It will be neat to see this trend being picked up elsewhere (like here) in the hopefully near future.

not only that, but the same guys that thought up this sustainable store also love composting. I dig that.

thanks to seester for the heads up.

Over the weekend, Ephraim (one of the farmhands at Jacob's Cove) gave me the first large tomato of the season. I was honored, and it was as bright and delicious as you can imagine. Fresh tomato sandwiches (straight from oven bread, chevre, pesto, tomato slice, drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper) were the perfect meal to celebrate the first day of summer.

It's been the kind of week where yesterday at bedtime I was confused as to whether I was supposed to be getting ready for bed or waking up for the day. Of course I figured it out, but not without laughing at myself first.

here's to a relaxing and according-to-plan weekend.

chocolate peanut butter milkshake at zupas today.
there's still room in the green's class, sign up!

On saturday I woke up at 3:15 am to wait in a painfully long line to board a bus that took me up Provo Canyon where I ran 13.1 miles back down with a couple thousand other people, holding up traffic, sweating like a fiend, and for the most part smiling and having a grand time.

A few things to preface, I am not a runner, nor was I ever before, but I kind of love it. This has very little to do with food, well maybe a little. This post is long, really long. No this will not become a running blog, but the subject may make mention every once in a while; like today.

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This Saturday is another class held at Jacob's Cove Heritage Farm where we will be showing you how to use all those greens greens greens. Melissa is headed to Haiti again, so Lindsey Johnson of Cafe Johnsonia will be helping me out at this class! I am so excited to work with her, she's all sorts of amazing.

Hope to see you there!

The Green Class
June 18, 2011 :: 11:30a.m. to 1:30p.m.
classes held at Jacob's Cove Farm
price: $25

the menu:

traditional pesto
malfatti (ricotta and swiss chard dumplings) with a cherry tomato sauce
coconut and kale ice cream
pistachio and white chocolate bark

 (take note: the menu on the registration page is not updated)

We had a fun and busy week and are looking forward to a fun and busy weekend. Today I'm sharing a few recipes on zupas today that would be beautiful with the purple basil that is growing over at Jacob's Cove farm. Or maybe you've got some growing in your own little garden? lucky you.

my to do list this weekend:

.eat lots of pasta and bread with my best friends (read: brohas + sissies)
.go to sleep early, wake up even earlier
.command and conquer 13.1 miles (wahoo!)
.get a "runners only" massage
.drink lots and lots (and lots!) of water
.sit poolside and rest/tan my tired/pale legs
.have someone else make my dinner
.make a soy chocolate milkshake, then eat it

what are your plans this weekend?

a few things I saw in the last couple weeks.

all the produce is from Jacob's Cove, isn't it beautiful?

we made pesto out of the chard, stuffed the beet tops with cheese and baked it in a tomato sauce, ate the strawberries raw, wiped our hands and mouths with linen towels, ate the basil in sandwiches and salads, stuffed and baked the squash blossoms with the beet tops, and caramelized the broccoli with a bit of mustard and honey.

this was may in utah.

I have a thing for breakfast. I grew up in a family of night owls, but within the past few years I have found how much I love the early morning. I have talked about it before, the calm anticipation for the day, and how the few habitual things that go on at the first set the mood for the following hours. There are a few more things about the beginning hours of the day that I love. For one, it's always cool in the morning, even in the dead of summer. And if you know me, you know I love sweater weather. Every moment is like a deep breath, serene and invigorating. Morning's light is the perfection of soft, the human eye seems to be the only way to capture it as purely as you see it. I especially love when I am outside as the sun comes up over the east range. It inches along, bringing light and stirring life closer and closer, and if I'm standing in a place where the sun shines directly on me, I can literally feel the moment the day begins. I love that about light. It's like a physical being that changes and moves you.

Of course I am talking about the mornings where you can be present at every moment. Not the kind (that I have had my share of) where I have woken up late, rushed out of the house, and forgotten to notice my unkempt hair and mismatched socks. No, those mornings are a completely different animal that I like to see very little of. So let's return to the morning's where we have at least five minutes for breakfast; and a good one.

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.we played in bed for a little while before starting the day.
.the little one has been marching around singing "i got some deams!"
.we will be picnicking and play-grounding with cousin and seester in law this afternoon.
.I've changed the toddler's clothing three times, as she complained of itchy this and itchy that. It's an effective strategy when you prefer to run around naked (which she is at this very moment).
.husband has lots of homework and things, but it's alright because date night is tomorrow.
.we have leftovers for dinner.
.I am planning a girls night out (maybe just a me out) to hear some lovely ladies sing.
.I am counting down the days (almost one hand left) until the big race. eep!
.we plan to soak up as much sun as we can; parkside, poolside, every side. 
.I am choosing to be happy (see #5).

hope your weekend is a happy one too.

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