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Mornings are my favorite part of the day. They are serene, familiar, and although they can be filled with the anticipation of what's to come, they are usually content with the moment. Mornings around our home are about routine. Just about every morning is the same, necessarily so. Our reliable and ordinary mornings are what get me through the day.

For the days when I wake up before the sun, I start with warming up my mind and body. After some sort of exercise/training I spend some time nourishing myself spiritually. Regardless of your beliefs, there is power in spiritual strength. Nothing will set you off on a better start than some time to meditate on greater ideas and truths, helping you think about things outside of yourself.

For days that I am woken by my two favorite people instead of my alarm, things happen in a different order, but I still make time to nourish my body mind and spirit.

Breakfast consists of a few choices. When it is cold, we eat warm foods, oatmeal, other stewed grains (always with flax, wheat germ, chia seeds and some type of fruit/nut), scrambles with toast, and on occasion jok. In the summer days (or days we feel like it) we make fruit smoothies and hot buttered (or coconut oiled) whole wheat toast. We're not much for alteration. I like my herbal tea with a spoon of honey and a little coconut milk, so it's creamy. And on special mornings when we have a lot of time on our hands to sit around in our pajamas, we plan ahead and make brunch.

Now we get into the wacked out hippie stuff we do every morning for health reasons.

First, with breakfast we take a little cod liver oil with vitamin d. There is substantial research out in the world, online and off, that has found the benefits of cod liver oil and the fatty acids it provides. We take the kind with added vitamin d3, which is especially beneficial during the time of year when the sun is minimal and warm enough weather to enjoy it is even more scarce. You may have heard for decades that the best thing to prevent the flu is vitamin c. It's not. Vitamin d will prove to be more helpful. But then I'm no doctor, however my doctor is.
a bonus? the type we buy is lemon flavored which means no fishy burps.

We take a few vitamins, or are they supplements, is that redundant? We take spirulina, for the b12; vitamin d3, when we were taking cod liver oil without vitamin d; I take a prenatal pill, yep, still nursing; and we also take primrose oil or borage oil, to assist absorption of the cod liver oil. For the most part, I like getting the nutrients we need from food, but because we seldom eat meat, no cow's dairy, and eggs only on occasion, I see necessity to supplement a little.

The best and probably the most sustaining part of our morning routine is after breakfast when we spend time together as a family. We read books together, dance together, play, and have a little prayer before saying our good-byes. Then it's to the window for waves and kisses to send off with daddy. It's the best half hour of the morning.

what do you do to start the day?

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