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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I finally returned two cookbooks to the library for good, ordering them on sale par Amazon. I was so happy when they graced my front steps, and even happier when I got to warm their spines, and then cook from them. nerd much?

There are big things happening, things I won't go into detail about just yet but rest assured they are exciting/overwhelming/crazy big things.

I guess I can share at least one. I'm going to be an aunt again, and it's a boy.

In the spirit of the “noble art of getting things done” and the “nobler art of leaving things undone” I have been eliminating some non-essentials in my daily grind and attacking my to do/to be lists with a vengeance.

With all of my doing, going, and being, I am also finding time to just sit and be; listen; see. It's a nice balance.

I have four weeks until my big goal. Four weeks. Seems not too long ago I was thinking it was a good four months away. I hope I'm ready.

You can now register for our cooking classes, more information here.

happy monday.

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  1. I just did the same thing! After renewing "Ad Hoc" by Thomas Keller multiple times and not wanting to ever give it up, I finally took the plunge. What cookbooks did you order?

    Good luck on your big goal and all the other exciting things in your life. Can't wait to hear about them.