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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I loved the piece in Toast's newsletter about foraging around England, countrysides and urban parks alike. The company sells clothing and housewares, but occasionally share bits of stories and writing that are always nice to read. I thought it awesome that in a recent cookbook I read the author mentioned native "weeds" growing along city sidewalks and in empty lots as perfect additions to spring salads. I have heard about herbwalks in Utah, specifically up around bridal veil falls, little cottonwood and millcreek canyon areas. I think it would be fascinating, learning about the plants and herbs that grow wild in our area, and their edible and medicinal properties.

If you're interested in a local herbnwalk, check out utah herbwalker. He hasn't updated in quite a while, but I think as the seasons begin to warm and the rains begin to taper we may get an update soon.

Have you ever gone on an herb walk? Have you even heard of one? Would you add dandelion blossoms and leaves to your next salad?

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  1. I've recently become interested in foraging. As a poor college student who strives to heat as healthily as I can, what could be better than free, nutrient dense greens? I would LOVE to go on an herb walk in UT Valley to see what delicious edibles we have growing in the wild. The only edible I could identify at this point is dandelion, and I surely wouldn't want to eat something I wasn't 100 percent sure of.

    Have you listened to this NPR story on urban foraging? You can't help but be excited about the prospects of building a wild greens salad after listening to this guy.