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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

it seems my daily list continues to lengthen, even if i'm crossing them off every chance I get, it still feels good to accomplish anything.

for example:

test and finalize recipes for brunch class.. check.
answer e-mails, texts and tweets.. check.
fill a few pinboards.. check.
make more almond milk because we're out.. check.
return neighbor's blender used to make aforementioned milk.. check.
laugh with sisters.. check.
have lunch with dear friend at the park, then move indoors because it's still frigid.. check and check.
visit mom.. check.
shop for running clothes but buy skinnies instead.. check.
(help) apply for grad school.. check.

run three days a week.. to do
return library books.. to do
write in my journal.. to do
e-mail this, e-mail that.. to do
call virginia may.. to do
go shopping for brunch class.. to do
figure out + survive this sleep training thing for the second time.. to do
manage to blog on a monday morning, or anytime on a monday.. to do
support husband through gmat #2.. to do
tell my husband how grateful I am that he's my sugar daddy.. to do

obviously I'm still working on a little thing I call prioritizing well, but I am prioritizing, if at all.

Susan (love her!) is hosting a giveaway for this week's brunch class, win 1.5 admission - 1 free admission and half off the second for a lover, friend, or neighbor. Hope you can be there, it will be delicious!


  1. i wish i could attend your class, i'm working.

    i always feel a little better when i write out a list of what needs to get done.

  2. Is it bad I sometimes add completed tasks to my to-do list just so I can check them off? ;)

  3. what is the sleep training? i definitely need more on that!