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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

This week has been an unavoidably lazy one; at least it feels like it. I am constantly amazed at how quickly the day goes by when you're busy with reading time, dance time, errand time, mealtime, giggle time, naptime, singing time, bath time, and bed time, with a few other "times" in the wings. Of course there are those things that come up unexpected, important enough to forget every other plan until it's accomplished. And then there are others that seemed important in the planning process, but in the end were just superfluous. I like when I get things sorted just right, feeling both productive and fulfilled with how our day was spent. So although I say our week was lazy, we were doing something every minute of it. Well, with the exception of the day when we were in our pj's until 3pm. yeah. we probably didn't accomplish much that day.

even though we were super lazy busy, I still noticed some lovely things about our week.

saw. lots of green grass and grey skies. my fave.
heard. giggles. so many giggles.
smelt. lavender oil on the bottom of the cutest feet ever.
felt. so loved from a surprise from husband (a borrowed copy of my favorite bbc yet), even if it didn't end up the way he expected.
ate. more smoothies and toast for brekky than oatmeal.
boogied. in our pj's to the radio, and alphabet song.
planned. big things with farmer Dale for the future of local natural food. more to come next week, get excited! p.s. if you're thinking of signing up for their csa, wait for monday.

roasted broccoli and garlic with orzo pasta on zupas today.
take note: I published another version this recipe a number of months ago, but this recent take seems easier to me, and used the last of our garlic tapenade stores. I have made plans to replenish our supply this weekend, we'll see how that goes.

wishing you a lovely + productive weekend.


  1. Jen,
    thanks for the comment, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
    Can I come over and you cook for me forever? You are amazing. So inspired.

  2. The broccoli and orzo looks amazing! I'm also lovin' your posting through the 5 senses!