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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

How do you like your rice? sticky? mochi-ed? long? short? brown? white? cooked? raw? (is that possible? i'm sure it is...) I like my rice the way I like my chocolate, in every way possible. Of course it also depends on my mood + the weather, and lately I have been adding wild rice to things like soup and....... soup.

Okay so I haven't been as diverse in my dinner planning as I like to think, I blame this drawn out winter (they're all drawn out). It seems like each time I make wild rice I find myself wondering why I don't make it more often. It's nutty, a little grassy, chewy, and wild. Even the name adds excitement when everything else is monotonous and blah. Plus, when you combine it with certain colored foods it's breathtaking. After writing today's zupas post I have a hankering to make something colorful and warming to go with my wild grass. It may be correlated to the snow we got yesterday, but even with snow dusted (now melted) lawns, I can feel spring stretching it's legs; maybe doing a few x rolls. I even found a worm and added him to our garden box on the balcony. Yes, our part of the earth is waking up and I love it.

Sheena, who blogs from the little red house started posting her week in five (and thensome) senses. it was brilliant. I want to notice my world in every way + dimension I can. It makes small memories more meaningful and therefore memorable.

Here's our week, from a handful (or two) of our favorite senses.

seeing: the moon, so big and bright, it was so tempting for our toddler. "moon! get it!"
smelling: heart shaped almond cookies that permeated every room, and new wood, sawdust included.
hearing: the sound of the balcony door being opened for the first time this year, to give aforementioned worm a new home.
tasting: soups that kept us warm inside and out, lots of greens (i'm still recovering), apple cider after a romp in the half inch of snow we discovered yesterday morning, and chocolate. duh.
feeling: all the fabric I had forgotten I owned, and the rat nest my little one wakes with every morning. and nap.
dancing: to billy joel with dada, and primary songs with friends.
celebrating: little friends' birthdays, a day of love, and a late winter snowfall.
giving: valentine's, hand drawn pictures, and so many cheesy smiles.
awaiting: when the house will be in order again. did i mention the state it's in? It's better, but still a clinical disorder worthy mess, at least to me.
remembering: friends and memories from my younger years, looking through old photographs and yearbooks will do that to you, and make you smile.
cherishing: the fact that I get to spend every moment of the day with such a hilariously perfect little girl. i love being a mom.

here's wishing you a rejuvenating weekend.

today's zupas post on wild rice

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