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I'd love to get my floury hands on this.

I have a soft spot for cookbooks all about simple and beautiful bread.  I have been particularly fascinated with natural leavening, which is what they use at Tartine bakery & cafe. In gwenyth paltrow's newsletter a number of weeks ago, co-owner and author Chad Robertson shared his recipe for whole grain seeded bread and a few other recipes using it, like grilled cheese and onion sandwiches.
be still my beating heart.

have you ever been to Tartine? I think we may have to make a trip when we visit northern california year.

get the recipes, or buy the book.

their other cookbook would look great with flour and watermarks scattered between the pages as well.


  1. We LOVE Tartine!! Josh proposed in San Fran and right after we went to Tartine and shared a lemon tart:)

  2. You must go to Tartine! It is amazing! I have both cookbooks... only tried one recipe in the breadbook... a little complicated but the dessert book never fails me.

  3. I can honestly say that Tartine has some of the best baked goods that I've EVER eaten!