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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Another post about gifts, I am in the giving mood. Or maybe it's the gimme gimme's?

Whatever it is, I have had less and less time to photograph our meals in natural light, and even less time to blog about them. But even with all my busy-ness that permeates this time of year, somehow I've still been able to shop. Or rather, accumulate this small list of things I've seen around the internet that have caught my eye and heart. They would be lovely gifts to give the foodie in your life.

happy giving.

a cookbook.
maybe the one they've always wanted,
or one you know they will love to look at, alter, splatter, and eat from all the time.
i have updated the post about books i've borrowed from the library to tell why they were worth renewing over and over again, and I have a couple more to share.

enameled cast iron or ceramic ramekins and mini cocottes.
everything will look beautiful in them. I am sure of it.

forest friends cookie cutter set by wee waldorf
i loved their booth at the beehive bazaar this year, it was perfect in every way.
they would have cat stevens playing on their blog too.

snow white vintage nesting lotus bowls
from cottage farm's etsy shop
or these green nesting bowls from whitney smith

a pair of candlesticks.
it wouldn't even matter if they mismatched, but rather make them even more charming. this etched brass set from cherryshop are beautiful

herbs, spices, salts and other lovelies that add the oomph you need to take a dish from blah to ba-boom! yeah. that's how we do.

2011 paris calender from Nichole Robertson.
every image would inspire me to find the simple beauties of my town; or create even more wanderlust. i consider that a win-win.

tablecloths, napkins, teatowels and aprons.
i have heard many people say one can not have too many. i second that.

our local publication is edible wasatch and Rachel and David have done phenomenal work on producing it. Every detail from the content, to the paper it is printed on is beautiful and real. It is free from local eateries etc, you can read the current issue online, and it is affordable to request the subscription be delivered to your home each season.

a gift card to a favorite restaurant.
because every foodie will tell you, as much as they love making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, they also love leaving their dishes in the cupboards and enjoying a night out with good friends, eating some great food.

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