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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

We will be celebrating this Thanksgiving holiday in an over crowded house with beloved family, a few good movies, and lots of food. We may use my mother's china and silverware, the crystal will likely be filled with mulled apple cider, and the table will definitely be stuffed with the traditional family dishes we love eating year after year. There will be a few dairy free changes made for the babe and I, but I doubt anyone will even notice. We will be enjoying the best company, sharing stories, jokes and laughing a lot. Anyone who has had the fortune of a family dinner with us knows that wit and humor are just as important as dessert.

if you are looking for a few more Thanksgiving recipes to perfect your feast, here are a few suggestions:
jeanne wotring's cranberry jello
buttercup squash risotto
apple and currant sweet potatoes
dutch oven turkey
pumpkin biscuits or pumpkin cardamom rolls
mulled apple cider
sweet potato cake or pumpkin chiffon pie

need table setting ideas?
check out the vintage mixer, or armelle blog for beautiful inspiration.

happy eating!


  1. *bangs on the table like a hooligan* BRING ON THE CHIFFON!!! BRING ON THE CHIFFON!!!!!!!

    But seriously. That pie is to die for. Excitement abounds!!

    Oh! And another thing those fortunate people who have eaten dinner with us will know is our keen ability to lack any sort of censoring ;D!!!! I love our family dinners!! Totally look forward to them every single year =)!

  2. Ooooh! the pumpkin biscuits sound delicious! I'm going to try them this week.