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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

how was your weekend? ours was wonderful, spent watching movies, helping (in the babe's case, hindering) neighbors with big piles of leaves, visiting friends, and watching the rain soak our beighborhood from the warmth of our front room, wrapped in quilts and blankets.

To start off the week I wanted to share this cookbook with you. I know I shared a handful with you last week, but this book is so beautiful. Plus, I love making jam. Not the kind with those small boxes of pectin; I've heard there are squeeze tube varieties now, but have yet to see if it's a valid rumor. Of course I have made jam with pectin before, but I prefer the type made with lush ripe fruit, natural pectins from the fruit themselves, a bit of sugar, gentle and constant heat, time, and a lot of love. The kind that gets just about everything sticky, and necessitates a long soak of every utensil for ideal cleanliness. The same kind my granny and great gran must have made and likely shared with neighbors and friends.

Neighbors and friends that just happened to be all family.

This cookbook about preserves, jams and jellies written by Rachel Saunders seems the type of book I would love to pour over after dinner and cook beside during the early daylight hours. The photography, subject matter and thoroughness of it all has me smitten. I love this video of her talking about the book, intuitive cooking, and the importance of making connections with food.

There is something unprecedented about being able to see food in its infantile state. To connect with food when it's still connected to its mother earth. I don't want to get too hippie on you, but your perspective and understanding really change as you build relationships with the earth and what it/she has to offer. I have said it before, and it still rings true; when you learn about food, and understand it better, you have greater freedom -and knowledge, to create. There's nothing more fulfilling than creation. it's our opportunity; so take it.

And isn't she adorable?

and no, my library doesn't have it since it was just recently published. i checked anyway.

found via sfgirlbybay

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