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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I haven't shared much about our garden, have you noticed? I didn't feed the plants much after planting them, other than lots of water and sunshine. I think the plants were stunted. They didn't grow much for the first few weeks. A little, or rather a lot, of worm castings helped to fix that, and although they are now definitely growing, I doubt we will be able to harvest much this year. I'm not too upset, because this year was our first year; the year for making mistakes, learning the most, and being excited for anything edible.

Beside two more miniature strawberries, we harvested some kale and chard this week. I made a copycat version of the potatoes and kale served by communal/pizzeria 712 at the dinner club held at jacob's cove a few weeks ago. I love being able to make this dish with new red potatoes from the farmer's market and greens from our own garden. it feels good, eating your own food.

check out the recipe at the zupas website today.

happy weekend!
we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary with good food and fun outings including melissa's class at the farm tomorrow. it's been a good five years. our best, actually.


  1. Wow! Those potatoes look amazing! I'm off to check out the recipe...

  2. I'm loving using anything that I can from our garden this year. I have excess of zucchini, serrano peppers, and several herbs. Let me know if you want me to bring you any this week!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. this is a fresh and simple recipe that sounds totally delicious! i like it.

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    Nice blog! Those potatoes look amazing!this is a fresh and simple recipe that sounds totally delicious! i like it.thanks for sharing this.

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  5. The potatoes look yummy! We don't have much of a garden right now...just a couple of tomato plants, but next year, hopefully, if we can get a tractor that will change! You're right, it is great eating your own food. I was excited last night because we made some jam from blackberries that were given to me last year. It was delicious, served on my homemade bread! Yum!