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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

today was one of those days.

although instead of pasta, we had tomato sandwiches with homemade cheese and thick juicy slices of tomatoes from one of my husband's clients. i was too tired to do any sort of cooking. let's just say i am grateful for the poison control center hotline. like i said, it was one of those days.

so instead of a recipe, here are a couple noteworthy things i've been meaning to mention.



I'm sure you're wondering what photos of fish, penguins, and crocodiles have to do with this blog. No, I didn't eat them, I was a guest "sassy" a couple weeks ago with the sassy scoops gals and visited a couple local businesses including a local aquarium. it worked like this: I experience the venues and share my honest opinion about them in exchange for a super fun afternoon with some awesome girls and my favorite 1 year old; check out our adventures here and here. they are also having giveaways from both places we visited, so if you live nearby go enter here and here.

melissa's cookbook is now on pre-order! you can order it now through friday, september 10, for $12.95 and after the 10th for $15.95. From hands on experience, this is a cookbook worth buying. It is a collection of fresh food recipes that will become staples once you try them. I am not promoting this cookbook because I consider Melissa a dear friend, but because we love her recipes and use them often; multiple times a week often. I am excited to have an actual cookbook in hand rather than my own typed and written out versions that are adorned with coconut oil, cocoa dust, and blender splatters from the guts of varied fruits and vegetables.

graphic, i know.

she will also be having a book signing saturday, september 18th from 11am to 4pm at good earth in american fork where you can meet the beautiful woman herself, pick up your pre-ordered cookbook, and have her write you a little note. so what are you waiting for? more info here.

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  1. Thanks for the SassyScoops shout-out. We loved having you as a guest Sassy!

    I can't wait to order a copy of Melissa's cookbook. Though you're more experienced than I am at making her healthy, good-for-you recipes, I'm hoping to incorporate a few new dishes into our current standbys. :)

  2. Tomatoes sandwiches are one of the best parts of the end of summer.