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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

one - I am counting down the minutes for pizzeria 712's dinner club at jacob's cove farm tonight. The babe can't have cow's dairy, but sheep and goat seem to be alright so i am secretly hoping there will be at least one goat cheese pizza I can nosh, because I didn't call and request one. Not sure if it would have come across impolite, superior or just silly. I will just live vicariously through the husband. Regardless, I know there will be other incredible food to enjoy, no doubt.

two - I will indeed be teaching two classes at Jacob's Cove farm in the upcoming weeks, August 28th and September 25th. I am really quite excited about it. Melissa will be teaching the other classes and they are surely classes you will not want to miss. for more info and to sign up, go here.

three - i am looking to take some photography classes to increase my talents. I am thinking about taking nicole hill's online class (maybe i should wait for art weekend?) I like that it would be a bit of everything, not just food although I am also interesting in food styling classes; any suggestions?

four - the winners for the rubio's giveaway are up here. did you win?

and fifth - are you ready for some actual food on this blog? yeah. i know. some genuine recipes coming soon.

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  1. you have to do nicole's class! i took photo 101 and her food and table top. so worth it.

    i did the inperson class and loved her. she is a great teacher. i love her style.

    i know the online classes are nice too because i've taken the illustrator one. You have to take it! HAVE TO!