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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

just a few visuals from the pizza dinner tonight, glad it didn't rain (while we were there). it was awesome seeing so many people there to support the Allred's, their vision is just, real, and most importantly, achievable, but not alone. i brought my phone so although the photos aren't crystal, it was a smart choice on my part. i can only juggle so much.

oh. and if you were trying to figure out the perfect gift to send me next christmas, i'd like a tailgate brick oven.


  1. Oh my gosh. Is that a picture of Jane with pizza sauce all over her face/stuffed/content? That is so cute! Love it!

    I'm kind of sad I didn't go now.

  2. We couldn't believe how many people were there! And yes, I want one of those ovens too. So cool.