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guess what came in the mail this week?

A couple weeks ago I won a giveaway on whitney ingram's food blog rookie cookie for a copy of Ina Garten's back to basics cookbook. I have only seen one of her shows - we don't have food network. It was the same episode, I watched it twice, with two years between each viewing; which of course was by complete coincidence. The one thing I noticed was how calming and serene she was as she taught. I was drawn to her and her subtle method of cooking with whole ingredients right away (both times); but I never attempted to learn much more about her. After thumbing through the book once, halfway through the second time, I immediately knew this would be a well loved cookbook.

As for the vanilla extract, well that was a very special surprise.

whitney, thank you.


  1. You are more than welcome. My apologies for losing my mind and completely forgetting. But I thought you would forgive me if I included that vanilla. Looks like I have been pardoned.