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So after writing my last post about how summer had undeniably arrived, it rained all weekend and I could have sworn it was April. I guess I was a bit presumptuous in my observations, and in my defense I did just spend a week in California where the average temperature has got to be in the 80s.

Every time we visit my husband's hometown, we have specific things we want to do; go to our favorite place for phở, have a picnic at apple hill, visit the temple, drive around looking at christmas lights, pick fresh citrus from neighboring trees. Since we have been visitors in the winter months for the past five years, our planned activities are related to that season. This year we got to visit during my favorite sacramento time of year. Most people hate the summer in Sacramento because of the heat, but my heart holds a special place for that season. Must have something to do with meeting the love of my life a handful of years before; the abundance of beautiful produce in season helps too.

I had a list of places I wanted to visit, foods I wanted to eat, and although we didn't get around to a few of them, where we did spend our time was well worth it. However I learned that only one week isn't nearly long enough for a summer vacation. The first day we were there I was put in charge of foraging through the marionberry bush in the backyard, finding as many plump berries as I could for breakfast and snacking while the husband, 'papa', and brother in law worked the yard. Mommer had baby duty, of course. Later in the afternoon, Aaron and his father brought home a bag full of bing cherries handpicked from a neighbor's tree, and we sat in the shade talking, spitting pits, and watching baby play. Later that week I made quinoa salad with lemons straight from the tree, baby snacked on blueberries all week, and we picked up fresh strawberries from my favorite strawberry stand. Compared to Utah's beginning of June, it was like the garden of eden.

As sad as I was to leave, it is nice being home. I anticipate the start of our CSA in the next couple weeks, and the bloom of produce at the market; tomatoes, greens, summer squash, peaches, nectarines, and of course the apples. Indeed, Utah has it's own delicious kind of eden.


  1. Yay! My parents live in the Folsom area and we love Apple Hill! And the Christmas lights are fabulous during the season. Those berries look delicious, and I'm not even a big berry fan. So glad you had a little vacation!

  2. That was a perfect post...one that in years you will love to read over and over!

  3. I am like you and miss the fresh produce I enjoyed when I lived there. (I was a Southern girl though, not Northern like you):)
    So glad you had a good time! And yeah, a week is NEVER long enough. I'm always telling my husband that when I go down there.

  4. Oh good. You are home. Sounds to me like a park day is in order. Maybe with Cafe Johnsonia? She is my home girl. We will talk.

    A bit of trivia- Rookie Cookie was born in Auburn, which is a small town just a short ways away from Sacramento.

  5. You were in Sacramento?!? We could've met up!!! Where in Sacramento is your husband from?

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