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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

For some reason I have been having a difficult time getting my groove back, but I think today's ventures helped dissipate it perfectly.

Yesterday evening I got a call from the always enchanting Melissa who asked if I could do her a favor by presenting a recipe at a special day at the farm that Jacob's Cove Heritage Farm is having this saturday. I was planning on attending anyway since I am one of thier CSA members, but to participate was an even better idea. Really, she was doing me the favor.

We met at the farm this afternoon and spent our time talking with Dale Allred, the owner of the farm. He showed us around and I loved hearing his ideas, opinions, and how they do what they do there. In my mind, he is a pioneer to Utah's farming community. Because of him, we can (and will) have fresh, chemical free, heirloom tomatoes in January. January. That's just one of the small wonders of what they do. He was spot on when he said he was trying to create a beautiful marriage between technology and nature to provide utahn's with clean, good food.

I loved every minute of our visit, except for the part where I forgot a sun hat for the babe. Gratefully my favorite person in the world was there and willingly entertained her with her favorite songs, his singing voice, and letting her have full range to the back seat of the car. After sharing ideas, making a few plans, picking some greens (sampling as we went), and then reveling in their quality -so good, we parted ways and now I am writing to you for a favor. 
I hope if you are in the area, that you will come by Jacob's Cove farm this saturday to kick off the summer growing season. For them, it's really a kick off for the first season on their new land, and you would be amazed at the progress they have made in only a number of months. They invited all their CSA members to the event and encouraged them to invite others, so consider this your personal invitation from me. And if you're not already a CSA member but want to be, they still have openings.

A word of the wise, or rather experienced; don't wear sandals. You will have sand between your toes all afternoon; and bring hats for your babes!

more info about the day out at the farm here.

hope to see you there.


  1. Their tomatoes are unlike anything I have ever had. I challenge any tomato hater to hate their heirloom tomatoes.

  2. We were already planning on going! And now that I know YOU will be there! Can't wait!

  3. It was fun to meet you! My blog is www.homemakinglovingit.blogspot.com or inspiretogether.blogspot.com Nothing fancy. You can learn about soaking your grains here www.passionatehomemaking.com/2008/04/whole-grains-grinding-soaking.html and she has the terrific bread recipe in her recipe index on her home page. Enjoy!

  4. ahhh! I was so planning on going to this and totally forgot! boo.

    sounds like it was so fun. I still plan to visit!