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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

We have been surrounded with beautiful weather, and this past week every tree exploded with life. Perfect for this week's holiday, no?

On friday I could tell the babe wanted to go outside and play in the grass, eat some dirt, and pull herself up on trunks of blooming trees. We spent the day inside, baking instead. I don't know about you, but whenever there is a lot going on, something always goes wrong and I notice it as if it's a huge catastrophe. I couldn't help but nitpick at myself all weekend, why do we do that?  My cookie packaging wasn't finished saturday morning, the snickerdoodles didn't get the tlc they deserved and were a bit over-baked, the halva bites were a little dry from being made a couple days before, I hated that I couldn't cut off a slice of the raisin walnut loaves to see if they were as delicious as I know they could be. I felt inadequate, unprepared, and so nervous. But of course after I swallowed my pride and just did what I had to do, everything went well, the things I worried about really didn't matter, and I wondered what I was so concerned about. It bugs me when I make something that isn't about me, about me.

Saturday was fun, meeting other bloggers, getting awesome tips and new resources, and although I brought home leftovers and we didn't meet our 'thousand dollar goal', I know we will have more success next time. And with all my leftover cookies, I made a few neighbors happy as they got an unexpected visit from me with packaged goods in hand. Sunday was relaxing, we had spring rolls for dinner and watched life on tlc; a perfect activity to kick off the week.

It's earth week! Well, thursday is earth day, and you don't really need a designated day to improve the environment and be good to mother earth. Every moment, every day, every meal, every choice you make can improve the health of our environment. The impact of such choices have a direct effect on us; as we take care of the earth, we're really taking care of ourselves.

Here are a few things that we have done as a family to better the environment, including few new additions. If you only do one thing to improve the environment, it's a good start to living up to our responsibilities as human beings.

Educate yourself about what you can do to better the world we live in and why you should do it, learn about what you eat, where it comes from, and its impact on everyone/everything involved; start a chemical-free garden, even if it's a small windowsill/herb garden; buy organic; buy local; buy seasonal; buy sustainable; visit a local farm and get to know your farmers, help weed, I'm sure they'd love the help!; join a CSA; visit your local farmer's market (I can't wait for ours to start); use less water, use less electricity, carpool; reduce, reuse, recycle and up-cycle; teach your children about our environmental responsibilities; go on a walk, a bike ride, just be outside and enjoy nature.

that's all.
for today.


  1. Hands down that apple molasses cookie you made is my favorite one. Ever. I'm craving it two days after the sale. Great to meet you and look forward to seeing you again soon. by the way, the kids LOVED your snickerdoodles. They were fantastic.


  2. It was fun to meet you. I wish I could have been there earlier to see it in all its glory - but alas, nap time for the baby.
    Your stuff was delicious!

  3. Yes, those apple molasses cookies were ridiculously good. And those halva bites! It was like a glorified Clif Bar. And they weren't dry at all. Loved those. Everything I got from you was good. You did a great job.

    Something my mom has always been good about being environmentally conscience. She has been recycling for years, long before it was cool to do. She composts her kitchen waste and upcycles everything. And she is always supporting her local farmers. She buys eggs from the farmer down the street and uses farmers markets. She has been such a good example to me and my family.

  4. you're all so nice, thank you for padding my psyche :)

    Whitney - i love your mom, that's awesome! we started our own compost bucket too, hopefully it works. As for recycling there's no program in ut county so I've done it in spurts because husband doesn't like my piles very much. he's not a fan of clutter, no matter how earth friendly it may be.

  5. You are a veryy good writer!!!!

    the snickerdoodle packaging is sooo cute!!!

  6. i wanted to go but had a final that day! :( becky got me some though and holy cow jen the packaging was absolutely adorable and the cookies were DELISH! are you posting recipes?

  7. Thanks for all of your help with the bake sale. Wish I could of been in two places!

  8. thanks caro! <3
    jean yes they are linked here.
    maria- me too :)

  9. Look how adorable your cookie packaging is! I'm so sad I couldn't come, and am sure that your food was absolutely delicious.