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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

How was your weekend? Did you make it a lovely one? Quite a bit has happened here, and although I could have easily been caught up in the stress of it all, I feel content and comforted; even if it is monday.

- Both our kale and thyme seedlings have sprouted. Can you imagine my excitement? I swear I checked them at least every hour just to see if they had grown another millimeter; I felt ten years old again.

- We had this for dessert last night while catching up on America's funniest and Jamie Oliver. Only we had strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, kiwi, apple and one deliciously sweet orange; what a treat.

- Aaron's grandfather passed yesterday evening. It was expected, although that doesn't mean we didn't feel the loss. He had lived a long and wonderful life. I didn't cry because of my sure knowledge of what lies ahead. He will be missed, what a man he was. Even on his deathbed he had good humor.  When a nurse asked if he was restless, his reply was "I'm as restless as a whore in church."

Switching from looking back to looking ahead, there are a couple things going on this week.

- I am the featured blog over at the Simply Utah website. It's a brilliant directory of local artists and businesses. I have been waiting for a website like this as I have loved attending events like the beehive bazaar. I like that this website gives you a place to find lovely and local items like those sold at the bazaar any time of year.  I love supporting local artisans and businesses, you build such a wonderful community when you do. You can follow them through twitter or facebook, no matter where you live.

- This saturday I will be participating in the first national food bloggers bake sale to support share our strength, an organization at the forefront of ending child hunger in America. No child should go hungry, and if I can help by baking a few cookies then of course I will. Not that I really need a reason to bake cookies. I will explain a little more about this bake sale tomorrow, including what I will be contributing. Until then check out Becky Olsen's post about it.

what plans do you have this week?


  1. so sorry for your loss, jen. glad to hear you are finding ways of being comforted. thanks for your sweet note. xo.

  2. how sweet you are. thank you erin.
    hope you are also finding comfort with your own loss.