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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

yesterday the countless things on my to-do list were filling my head and I felt quite overwhelmed. so what did I do? I pulled out the umbrella stroller, went for a walk with the babe in the sunshine, chatted with each neighbor I saw along the way, picked up a book on hold for me at the library - plus a few extras - along with a david shannon collection for the baby cakes. When I came home I realized a number of the things on my to-do list weren't as important as I originally thought. I applied my favored double sifting technique for dry ingredients to my to-do list. I was left with a handful of things that were most important, got them done, and felt quite accomplished and very happy.

Sometimes you just need to do something unplanned, preferably surrounded by nature and tangible people, to realize what is necessary and what is excess.

I hope this weekend you will sift through your own to-do list twice and fill your days with the things that matter most. it will make for a really wonderful weekend.

and of course be sure to check out today's zupas post, it's all about the incredible food that sprouts are; i'm amazed at these baby vegetables. They are proof that small things have incredible qualities. But of course if it's not one of your necessaries, I understand.

have a good one.

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