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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

weekends are lovely, even though for the babe & i they feel like any other day. A large difference is the happily welcomed company, we love when daddy has the day off.

I think the lure of the weekend is in the fact that anything goes. we make general plans to clean, run errands, eat food; but then we can play in bed until 8:30 if we want, take as little or as much time as we want cleaning and laundering -although we tend to make it a game seeing how fast we can go, we can eat a big breakfast and then skip lunch altogether, there are few time constraints and expectations. So when I needed to go to the library to pick up a book on hold, I decided to walk. As I walked home, I poured over the headings, savored the photos, anticipated the fun I would have baking from it, learning from it. I have made a few things from Jim Lahey and loved them. There is something about his bread that is unlike any other. Of course there is a scientific explanation for it all, but I was sold with the first bite.

His approach to making great bread is similar to our approach to the weekend, which might be why I love it so much. Given guidelines with an emphasis on "customiz[ing] the recipes". For the past few weeks I have been playing with ideas in my head, and as I followed his advice to adjust, tinker, and play, I made a variation on his rye that I love which will be featured here next month. Sometimes doing things according to plan is best done by hardly following one at all.


  1. I just got that book from the library and kept it for over a month- love it! It is on the 'to buy' list now.

  2. i have many on my list of "borrowed, loved, will own someday" books. this is definitely on there! which of lahey's recipes is your favorite?

  3. I agree! Weekends are like any other day for babe and I...except Daddy joins for walks and picnics and delicious and leisurely meals :)