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is shopping day.

i don't know about you, but I love shopping day. I love waking early, even though I get up jane wakes me early every morning, gathering my list, shopping bags and a little bag of dried fruit and heading out the door, baby in tow to get my errands done early. There's no better feeling than placing the last item in the pantry before 10 am.

course I'm writing this the night before so who knows if everything goes as planned.


  1. you are very efficient. I keep intending to switch to Wed shopping since that's when most of the stores start their sales but I have not done that yet. I am still on a Mon or Tues shopping day which does not go well with the sales/cycles!

  2. the only bad thing is that all the ads come in the mail on wednesday afternoon, so technically I'm not picking the greatest time of day. However I only shop at two or three places so if they don't have it I go out another day.

    If you want we can start going together!