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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Melissa invited me to her workshop at blue lemon this past saturday (like you hadn't heard), and I jumped on the chance to watch her in action and meet her in person. Especially since I didn't have the guts to that first time. We've only shared correspondence through email but when I introduced myself, we hugged like old friends. She is as beautiful, kind, and tenderhearted as you can imagine. Emily was spot on in saying that she has a way of making you feel as though you've been friends for years.

There were about fourteen or so people in attendance including April from sweet life in the valley, Emily from is this really my life, Stephanie from the daily blarg, Lillie, one of the wives behind nutty guys, Amy from jacob's cove farm, and Alisha from evergreen foods blog.

Melissa taught four hours worth of her delicious recipes, gave a root vegetable pop quiz, showed how to slice a mango and avocado (among many other cooking tips and tricks), shared her seemingly endless amount of knowledge and advice about eating fresh organic and local fruits and vegetables, shared her favorite shopping spots, the organic and local products she uses, and gave each of those in attendance all the sampling we wanted of her incredible food.
oh, and did i mention her chocolate covered macaroons? goodness.  

Melissa and Chris have the most genuine relationship, you can't help but notice that they adore each other. They made us laugh often and it felt as though they had invited us to watch them make dinner in their home.  During the workshop Melissa also mentioned a new website she and Chris are working on where they cook together and share their awesome recipes and fun stories. You can be sure I'll mention when it kicks off.

And as if the gesture of inviting me to their workshop wasn't enough, they brought me three bundles of Chris's pizza dough which I cannot wait to try, and gave a bag of the most delicious tangelos and apples. I felt bad I hadn't brought anything in return, next time.

A few more favorites.
~ when she shared the greatest thing she's ever learned - how to cook from scratch from her mother and grandmother, and that she continues the legacy by teaching her own children.
~ when she used her {clean} hands to combine ingredients; there's no better utensil.
~ when she said she was a fan of intuitive cooking; bless her.
~ gathering with Emily and Stephanie after Melissa plated each dish, to take a few photos.
~ sharing stories and allergy free cooking tips with my next-seat neighbor Lillie.
~ actually meeting other bloggers for the first time.
~ getting down to the moment updates on what sweet baby j was up to with her granny.
~ having lunch with husband, who was just across the street.
~ staying almost an hour afterward just to chat about food ideology, family, art and such.

It was a wonderful afternoon, thanks for inviting me Melissa!

If you'd like to order Melissa's desserts/meals or some killer pizza dough from Christofori’s Truffle Bazaar and Dough Emporium, you can! just contact them directly.


  1. How funny!! I think I took a class from the girl who did her cook book's photography!! It's all vibrant and fantastic-like =D The picture she chose to show to us photographers was the one of the keylime pie too. I wanted to try that pie. I'm sad I didn't get to.

  2. I am super behind on my reader... but I just read this sweet post. And I am SOOOO impressed with your photography skills. You got some AMAZING shots. And of course the post was just lovely