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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

After I published yesterday's post I watched an episode of Martha saved on tivo and was pleasantly surprised when they made polenta fries, it made me smile. I really love coincidences like that, and holiday preparation shows. They get me so excited for the upcoming holiday, and we have two on the same day this weekend!

This is the vegetable dish that we had with the creamed polenta. It was so simple, I made it for the first time about two weeks ago.  Since then we've had it a number of times, it's not only easy but delicious. Plus we had a ton of spinach we needed to finish off stat. As a kid I always loved spinach. I know, I was weird; spinach and tuna? I loved drizzling vinegar on my steamed spinach, but I think I like it this way of making it is a lot better, more exciting.

If you haven't decided on your valentine's day meal yet, you should consider this. It's light, fresh, and delicious. Especially if you pair it with some dessert sushi. But then you'll have to come back tomorrow for that recipe.

When you make this, try to use as many fresh ingredients when you can. Fresh spinach, fresh lemon juice, and grind the coriander just before adding it in.

arabian spinach
1 Tablespoon oil
1 small onion, cut in quarters , then thinly sliced
1/4 teaspoon crushed coriander
about 12-14 ounces fresh spinach, rinsed
juice of and zest of one half a lemon
salt and pepper to taste

heat oil in pan, add onion and coriander. After a minute or so (before the onion gets soft) add spinach two handfuls at a time until wilted. Add lemon juice and zest, serve immediately adding pepper and salt to taste.

**Try adding a couple garlic cloves to this, mincing them and then cooking them with the onions.

This pairs well with creamed polenta, or lemon rice.

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