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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I'm recovering from the great food, company and noise from last night; Jane is too. The weekend was fantastic, here's a small recap.

- On saturday baba leung and I were all a bustle the entire morning, preparing for sunday's new year celebration. He taught me how to make princess chicken, daikon cake, har gao, roast duck, and I relearned how to make char siu and char siu bao. And even though the har gao was a disaster -wheat and corn starch got everywhere, and the char siu bao didn't steam well - because there were about 6 steamer levels, we had fun together talking about food, goals, family, and past new year traditions.

- On sunday, my parent's home was full of family and friends, twelve girl band played in the background while everyone snacked on pig tongue,char siu and licorice beef as appetizers. Every course was served with an explanation of how it would bring luck and prosperity and within it's second round of the table the platter was practically empty.  After dessert was finally served, we said good-byes and traveled home with our li cee, leftovers, and full tummies. It was a great kick off to the new year.

- Although sunday ended with chinese new year, it started with a valentine's/sunday pancake breakfast. aaron and I decided that each week we will try a new pancake recipe as we search for a favorite. Last time I was searching for a good pie crust recipe, I got some awesome suggestions. So if you have a favorite recipe to share, you know where to leave them.

- I am testing a handful of recipes for melissa's up and coming raw cookbook that will surely earn a place next to only my tried, true and beloved cookbooks. I've been a follower of her blog for a long time, and once I recognized her at my local market but was too shy to say hello. hello melissa! I always knew she had great recipes, and the one's i made this weekend validated her talent of combining fresh foods to make insanely nutritious and crazy delicious nosh, like the salsas shown above. Plus they're all dairy free, which makes me happy. I really can't wait for this cookbook, really. although today i'm more excited to make some of her peppermint fudge, that should cure my chinese food hangover. maybe.

- this week i will be sharing a few of my favorite chinese new year dishes including my father's daikon cake recipe. yesterday was only the beginning of the new year festivities; it's too bad they don't give you three days off to celebrate in utah.


  1. i am so looking forward to your daikon cake recipe. my roommate would love the char siu recipe so i can make it for her!

    i'm not a fan of pancakes however i did make a cottage cheese pancakes over the summer that was lovely.

    your celebration sounds great! ours had to be postponed due to the weather but we are having the dinner this coming sunday. i'm making orange almond cookies and SO LOOKING FORWARD TO LI SEE!

  2. thanks lan! i know what you mean, we only make pancakes sundays because it's the only meal we eat before dinner.

    hope you like the diakon and char siu recipes! have fun with your new year party! we gave out IOU's because we forgot to go to the bank before the party. whoops! hope it doesn't bring us bad luck.

  3. Hi Jen!

    Thanks for checking Tops in Toronto out!

    This is ABSOLUTELY the best pancake recipe in my opinion: http://topsintoronto.blogspot.com/2010/03/final-days-on-huntley.html

    Beautiful images.

    Talk soon,