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that's a tiger growl, in honor.

Chinese new year, or the celebration of the lunar new year is in less than a week, next sunday actually. It shares with valentine's day this year. I can't wait. The celebration is the biggest holiday in my parent's home full of family, great food, lots of noise, a little karaoke and maybe our own lion dance.  My father e-mailed me this years' menu, and I will be driving up the day before to learn how to make a few of the traditional dishes I still don't know how to make. I may be a little late in learning, but I am so excited to finally know all the secrets. I guess I must have paid more attention to my li cee (red pockets) than the food preparation as a child.

I especially love that when my father picks the menu for the year, each dish symbolizes something to encourage luck, wealth, and prosperity. Here is this year's menu, subject to change.

Appetizers: licorice pig tongue (symbolizing fortune), fried dumpling (symbolizing gold ingots), chinese roast pork (the red roast pork symbolizes Joy and Happiness).

'Main' Courses:
Golden prawn balls with vegetables (symbolizing round gold nuggets)

Streamed whole fish (symbolizing complete and abundance wealth)

Braised pork feet with shiitake mushrooms (symbolizing handy profits)

Princess chicken (symbolizing royal prosperity)

Noodles with crab meat (symbolizing long life)

Giant scallops with asparagus (symbolizing treasures)

Peking duck (the red crispy skin symbolizes Joy and Happiness)

Dessert: tapoica pudding (symbolizing pearls)

Sunday will also be a kick-off of sorts. I will share a few favorite dishes that fill the refridgerator this time of year. Until then, here's a little something to get you in the Chinese spirit. It's a song from the 2008 summer olympics sent to you from baba leung.


  1. Rick is planning a huge Chinese feast- he even bought paper money for us to burn- haha- Happy New Years!