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Over the holidays we inherited a jar of organic sierra honey from my husband's parents. It was purchased in the seventies, maybe sixties? but apparently it doesn't matter because it'll last longer than I will. I learned a couple things about honey that day, like the fact that it never expires, and that it relieves your allergy symptoms if you eat it local. I now attribute my lack of watery itchy eyes and the miserable allergy haze that sets on the beginning of april through october to eating organic local honey for the past couple years.  And I just thought I was supporting local farmers. Thank goodness for those happy bees because my allergy medicine was $150 a pop.
Isn't' nature awesome?

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talk about shock factor. want to read a  horrifying story I found about honey? go here. consider yourself warned.


  1. I love honey for it's medicinal properties...and it's easily converted in recipes. Honey is 2-3 times sweeter than granulated sugar, so I use less.

  2. I didn't know either of those things about honey. Good to know!

  3. thanks frieda, that's important to know.