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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I love valentine's day. After Christmas is over, it's something to look forward to amidst the uneventful norm that january brings. It's fun to think back on old traditions, and how they change with age. I kind of really want to cut out my own little valentine's and deliver them to neighbors, slipping them into a valentine's mailbox they fashioned themselves out of paper and glue.

Even if that doesn't happen, I'm just happy I have a valentine; two now! I love thinking about silly and sappy ways to tell him how much i love him. Like he doesn't know.

Since we will be celebrating chinese new year on sunday, our main valentine's day tradition will be held the evening before. sushi! today's zupas post is a recipe for a sweet version of our favorite nosh. check it out, and impress your valentine this year with a homemade roll. or better yet, throw a valentine sushi making party!

whatever you do, have a lovely holiday.


  1. happy year of the Tiger Jen!! hope it is filled with peace and happiness.

  2. Wow, nice pic. Love the green and yellow with the sushi rice.
    I think so much of sushi is an art. I also enjoy mixing it up like this to see mango and lychee added to sushi. Trying to teach my kids that not all sushi is just raw fish. This is one I'll have to try on them.


    Utah Sushi Roll