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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I decided to get a coffee/herb grinder for grinding rice and other grains easily and quickly for baby food as well as to grind flax, herbs, spices and nuts because they're so much better freshly ground. I'd rather not have to pull out my ginormous and incredibly noisy (and did I mention it's a hassle to clean?) grain mill inherited from my mother, especially for only a handful of grain. So far I'm leaning towards this krups grinder, or this one by capresso; although I'm wishing bosch hadn't discontinued their version.
Any recommendations?

By the way, Jane's experience eating solid food (avocado) for the first time was hilarious. I couldn't hold the camera steady I was laughing so hard. She did much better tonight. Not once did she gag or choke; she's such a gourmande already.


  1. baby jane is adorable!!!!! i just watched the video and so so so so sosososo cute!

    i have no recommendations for you on the spice grinder, i got a simple one at Sur La Table that i hope to break in this weekend.

  2. isn't it hilarious? now that i've studied a little more i think it was because it was too thick. glad she lived through the torture!
    what kind of spice grinder did you get? I guess i'll check out the blog and find out.