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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

...i'm admiring our spur of the moment purchase from yesterday with our christmas present adorning it
...i remembered i need to figure out a better way to strap jane into her highchair, not with a tea towel
...i feel organized with the new mini containers we bought to store odds and ends; coconut shards, nutmeg pods, and chipotle chilis to name a few
...i got rid of about seven inches of hair, and will surprise hub in t minus 2 hours
...jane and i went on a bear hunt, and then took a nap
...i wrote my friday zupas post on "clean" eating
...i finally printed off the clean fifteen and dirty dozen to stick on the fridge, it'll be another week or two before it's laminated
...we're having a delicious dinner and trying a different kind of dairy: pear and goat cheese pizza
...is the start of a great weekend.

see you monday.

Sunday services for our ward begin at a certain time, rotating each year between 9am, 11am, and 1pm services. Everyone has their preffered starting time, and seldom do I hear people get excited when services begin at 1pm. Something about the fact that when you get home, the day is practically over which means no sunday nap. One great thing about 1pm service is that we have more than enough time to make a big(ger), delicious breakfast; usually pancakes with peanut butter and strawberry fluff. I'm not going to lie, every so often on sunday any morning I'm not opposed to taking out the bisquick mix and pouring out a few flapjacks without having to use my brain. But since every pre-packaged mix of anything has dairy, I utilize those brain cells (that I hear are diminishing by the day) and make some delicious pancakes dairy free.

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I have severe camera envy. My sissy let me play with her camera and taught me a few things about aperture, depth of field and the like; it was intense. If you didn't already know, this is the camera I use. It's nowhere near professional, but after I take a gagillion photos it usually captures at least one or two that I can use; after tweaking them a bit. yes, I photoshop my photos; so kill me.  Now I have a hankering for a more reliable camera I can pair with a pretty lens; or two. dreamin' big here.

okay I'll be honest, my sister was originally holding a parakeet in this picture.

head over to my friday zupas post to find out a little more about bay leaves, aren't they beautiful?

one more thing, there's a new facebook fan page, are you a fan yet? go go go!

I realized today that it has been two years (to the day!) since I started this little food blog of mine; time sure does fly. Thank you for everyone who actually reads all my ramblings and better yet enjoys them! I guess since it's the second year anniversary, and I forgot to celebrate the first (for good reason!), my gift is two posts in one day. i know, craziness right?

Over the lifetime of this little food blog of mine I don't think I've written about anything specific, besides food. Meaning I don't think there's a particular niche that my little food blog fits into. It's not centered around low fat recipes, or written for people who are continually rushed for time, it's not even all about the sweet stuff although that seems to be the majority of what's being consumed in our home. I just write about food I love, and it seems continually interlaced with tradition, memories, and family.

I'm not sure where this little blog will go in the next year, or what niche it will conform to, if any at all. But I do know that I will keep writing about what I love, good food.

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It's been seven long days since the tragedy in Haiti, and yesterday I caught myself fussing about something insignificant. Tragedy has a way of humbling you and making you reassess priorities and how your precious time is spent. This morning I was inspired and deeply touched by this story. I can only imagine the relief and joy of her husband, finding her like he did after six days and driving home together soon afterward with only minor injuries. Her song brought tears to my eyes and made me wish I could do more than just pray and hope for more miracles like hers.

For what it's worth, here are a few ways you can help and donate.

american red cross 
clinton bush haiti fund 
lds humanitarian fund

google crisis response and this huffington post article have a number of organizations to donate to and they are continually being updated.

Completely dairy free chocolate is hard to come by. If I am lucky enough to find a dairy free chocolate bar processed in a dairy free facility it costs an arm and a leg; so I turn to cocoa. I was craving a chocolate cake after browsing through my mother in-law's copy of martha's living cookbook. So I sketched the recipe down, played with substitutions, and out came this lovely little cake. It smelled heavenly while baking because of the coconut oil, and the eggs are easily substituted with ener-g egg replacer making it completely animal free. This cake is almost vegan, complete sin.

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As a child, one of my favorite holiday activities would include driving around the neighborhood at night, admiring houses trimmed with colorful lights while singing along to christmas music on the radio. For the past five years, we have spent the holidays in northern california. I love driving down the streets during the day and seeing trees adorned with mother nature's holiday lights. The trees are everywhere, alight with lemons and oranges making river city glow in the winter. When we left, papa j gave us four bags filled with the golden fruit, and I was happy to bring a little bit of california's winter home with us to the glum winter wonderland we live in. I love to begin peeling an orange by plucking off a stem and leaves. It will be a sad day when the last one is gone.

I decided to get a coffee/herb grinder for grinding rice and other grains easily and quickly for baby food as well as to grind flax, herbs, spices and nuts because they're so much better freshly ground. I'd rather not have to pull out my ginormous and incredibly noisy (and did I mention it's a hassle to clean?) grain mill inherited from my mother, especially for only a handful of grain. So far I'm leaning towards this krups grinder, or this one by capresso; although I'm wishing bosch hadn't discontinued their version.
Any recommendations?

By the way, Jane's experience eating solid food (avocado) for the first time was hilarious. I couldn't hold the camera steady I was laughing so hard. She did much better tonight. Not once did she gag or choke; she's such a gourmande already.

the little one's history, that is.
tonight, she will taste her first bit of food.
actually that's a lie. she tasted an apple on christmas and kept lunging at it for more as I continued to eat it. Since then she has tasted a plethera of things via pinky; avocado, mashed potatoes, chicken soup, carrot, even root beer. Her favorite play thing is an apple slice that she sucks and gnaws until it is bone dry.

but tonight will be the first time she has her first "meal" of mashed avocado.
I think she's going to love it, even if more ends up on her than in her belly.

check out my zupas post all about making your own baby food.

...and so it begins.

happy new year!

I'm long distance blogging today. It's interesting to work with technology and resources that aren't your own. It will be nice when I can spend less than an hour on a post again.

today's zupas post is about menu planning, are you a fertive planner? or a whimsical on the fly kind of dinner cook? I will plan the month's meals, but I have to be flexible. Things are always changing around here.

Today I hope you nosh on foods that will bring you good fortune and luck. And even if you don't eat anything lucky I hope your year will be a prosperous and happy one.

Thank you for the past year; for reading, commenting, and bouying me up.
here's to the next!