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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I have two library books that are now four days overdue. I haven't taken them back because I don't want to brave the cold; I just want to cuddle up with a glass of hot (rice milk) chocolate with a few of these soaking it up. I guess I have to withstand the cold because Santa is visiting our ward christmas party tonight, and it will be Jane's first time. But tomorrow is saturday, and there's another snow storm on its way; luckily we have a bag of these on hand.

I'm so happy they were such a success. I want to create a fully chocolate version now.
Head over to my zupas post for the recipe, like now.
Even if it's 80 degrees out, you can roast them over a fire.

Can you believe the weather this week? The photo looks like the view from our front window. We’ve been having hot cocoa (hot rice milk with hershey’s for me) almost every evening to ward off the cold. We love creamy marshmallows with our hot cocoa and like most anything else, homemade is best. Try this recipe for homemade marshmallows today, you won’t be disappointed. They’ll be perfect to have on hand for this weekend’s storm. Plus, making them is surprisingly easier than you think, just be sure to read the recipe thoroughly, prepare your ingredients/tools- mise en place, and don’t rush.

Hub was sad he missed being able to lick the sticky bowl of leftover marshmallow, a task any candy lover would be willing to assist with.

homemade marshmallows
from alton brown
3 packages unflavored gelatin
1 cup ice cold water, divided
12 ounces granulated sugar, approximately 1 1/2 cups
1 cup light corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
butter or cooking spray

Place the gelatin into the bowl of a stand mixer along with 1/2 cup of the water. Have the whisk attachment standing by.

In a small saucepan combine the remaining 1/2 cup water, granulated sugar, corn syrup and salt. Place over medium high heat, cover and allow to cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Uncover, clip a candy thermometer onto the side of the pan and continue to cook until the mixture reaches 240 degrees F, approximately 7 to 8 minutes. Once the mixture reaches this temperature, immediately remove from the heat.

Turn the mixer on low speed and, while running, slowly pour the sugar syrup down the side of the bowl into the gelatin mixture. Once you have added all of the syrup, increase the speed to high. Continue to whip until the mixture becomes very thick and is lukewarm, approximately 12 to 15 minutes. Add the vanilla during the last minute of whipping. While the mixture is whipping prepare the pans as follows.
For regular marshmallows:

Combine the confectioners’ sugar and cornstarch in a small bowl. Lightly grease a 13 by 9-inch metal baking pan with butter or nonstick cooking spray. Add the sugar and cornstarch mixture and move around to completely coat the bottom and sides of the pan. Return the remaining mixture to the bowl for later use.

When ready, pour the mixture into the prepared pan, using a lightly oiled spatula for spreading evenly into the pan. Dust the top with enough of the remaining sugar and cornstarch mixture to lightly cover. Reserve the rest for later. Allow the marshmallows to sit uncovered for at least 4 hours and up to overnight.

Turn the marshmallows out onto a cutting board and cut into 1-inch squares using a pizza wheel dusted with the confectioners’ sugar mixture. Once cut, lightly dust all sides of each marshmallow with the remaining mixture, using additional if necessary. Store in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.

For miniature marshmallows:

Combine the confectioners’ sugar and cornstarch in a small bowl. Line 4 half sheet pans with parchment paper, spray the paper with nonstick cooking spray and dust with the confectioners’ sugar mixture.

Scoop the mixture into a piping bag fitted with a 1/2-inch round piping tip. Pipe the mixture onto the prepared sheet pans lengthwise, leaving about 1-inch between each strip. Sprinkle the tops with enough of the remaining cornstarch and sugar mixture to lightly cover. Let the strips set for 4 hours or up to overnight.

Cut into 1/2 inch pieces using a pizza wheel or scissors dusted with the confectioners’ sugar mixture. Once cut, lightly dust all sides of each marshmallow with the remaining sugar mixture and store in an airtight container for up to a week.

 ** Try mixing a couple Tablespooons of cocoa powder (the baking kind) with the cornstarch and confectioners’ sugar mixture to coat the marshmallows with a chocolaty coating.

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  1. Just found your blog! I'm glad to see a fellow Utahn loves beautiful food!

    I am bundling myself with big fuzzy blankets, the storm is a'comin!

    I really enjoy your blog :)