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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

but who's counting?

it's the first day of december and our home is decorated, christmas music is playing, we've set tivo to record every holiday special imagineable and watched two last night, i've begun to imagine up the things i will bake, and holiday giftlists are popping up all over blogland. so naturally, i thought i would join in. oh, and i also thought i'd do a small giveaway while i'm at it, yipee. the first day of december feels like a holiday in itself; let the countdown begin!

the following items are a few included in my ever growing list of things i love and covet. they are things i would love to give and receive. some food related, some not, and in no particular order. what's on your list?

this soap.

this pie vent.

bookplates from this shop.

their bike ecobag kit.

these footed bowls.

this foodbook.

this cuckoo clock.

Now for the giveaway, it's for this apron.

I received it after teaching a cookie class and never ended up using it (except that one time). It's a cute apron and I'd love for it to get the use it deserves; so I want one of you to have it, as a gift. Just leave a comment sharing your favorite holiday food tradition or something on your wish/giftlist.
winner will be announced friday, the 4th of december. saturday, the 5th!
are you ladies dreaming up all the cookies you could bake in it? i do hope so.

***correction: i guess there's only 23 days left, who knew?
UPDATE - GIVEAWAY CLOSED winner announced here.


  1. My list just got longer:) Great ideas! I always bake up a cookie/treat storm during Dec. My list is long this year, I better get baking:)

  2. 1. i love those measuring cups from anthropologie, went recently and basically wanted to buy everything there.

    2. the apron is adorable, i'm tempted to NOT retweet this post just so i have a better chance of winning it. but i won't, that is so scroogy.

    3. is it bad that i really don't have a holiday ritual that i look forward to? the holidays do not hold magic for me, i find more magic in the kitchen on a random thursday night than during xmas.

    4. i do heart me some peppermint bark tho, i'll be making that again this year to give as gifts.

  3. Sadly, I grew up in a family that didn't understand the glorious gift of cooking or real food for that matter. They are a pre-packaged, processed, lacking variety bunch of (still wonderful) people. My husband and I have taken it upon ourselves to show them the good life through good, healthy, delicious food. Hopefully we'll have all sorts of good food traditions in no time.

    And this isn't on my gift list, but it was on my husband's: All sorts of fantastic cake decorating tools. It is all already wrapped under the tree. I'm one lucky woman. :)

    (And I miss your face, Jen.)

  4. Love your gift list...didn't know what a pie vent was until I saw your post ~ anything cooking/baking related is on my list: I'm a gadget-holic. Loved your cookie class post. You did a great job!

  5. such cute wishlist items you have. My favorite food item to make every year for Christmas is, well two things. 1. Frosted Sugar cookies in christmas shapes. It's a MUST, especially since I don't make those any other time of year. 2. Egg Nog Pie. Hands down, my favorite holiday food, EVER!

  6. I love those jeweled spoons! The cuckoo clock too. Very cute.

  7. My favorite holiday food tradition is truffles... every year my family tries to make them creamier and smoother than the year before.. so fun and so yummy!

  8. on my list: a new pair of scrubs. i'm tired of wearing the same boring dark blue oversized scrubs to work everyday. i swear i'll be able to use them when i'm pregnant. :)

    i'm envisioning the cookies i can make in that apron... i'm sure they'll make them taste better! haha

  9. Humm, What I want for Christmas is that apron! one can never have too many aprons. A family tradition we are starting this year is, eating like Mary and Joseph! We set a blanket out in the living room and eat on the floor with our fingers the types of food they ate! nuts, cheese, unleavened bread, fish, (we don't like fish so it will be chicken for us)such a fun tradition to remind us of the baby Jesus and his family! We will do this on Christmas eve!

  10. I'd love a great apron. That cuckoo clock is amazing! Anyway, my favorite thing about Christmas is baking stained glass cookies with my mom. She still does it every year. you roll the dough into snakes and then shape it into whatever - bell, Christmas tree, angel, candy cane, and then put crushed jolly ranchers inside and they melt in the oven, looking like stained glass.

  11. Jen, Love your list! Here is what's on mine... Anything LeCreuset, it's my new love; MAC eyeshadow; leather riding boots-I'm so glad flat boots are in, and a mini-food processor b/c I don't think I need a big one.

    My favorite x-mas traditions are doing a service project with my family, stockings, and orange rolls and quiche for breakfast.

    ps-I love the apron! Make it mine and I'll do you proud ;) love you

  12. That apron is beautiful!!

    Ok, so my favorite holiday food tradition is making homemade wassail and having Trifle for an after-Christmas dessert. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!

  13. Do I really need another apron? Yep, sure do. Especially when it's that cute!

    This year for the neighborhood treats I'm taking out tofee (I haven't made it in years but it's one of my favorites), rocky road, and peppermint bark. Never made the last one before, but it's can't be too hard!

  14. I just added that cute apron to my list. One of my favorite holiday foods is Girdle Buster Pie. It is pink peppermint ice cream in a nutty, graham cracker crust with a layer of chocolate fudge on top. My Grandma used to make it every year for her Christmas party and now my mom does. Yummy!

  15. Ok, I wasn't going to comment(enter) purely for the fact that I would never wear the apron. But, I showed my wife and she said "it looks way cute." So what can a guy do.

    My favorite holiday food tradition is the Habanero Lime Cheesecake I make. It was for a work Christmas pot-luck with a Latin theme and well, it just kind of stuck after that.

    BTW I love the moroccan tea glasses. It made me think of fresh spearmint tea, but now I wish the mint in my garden wasn't frozen solid. (If it's going to be this cold it should snow.)

    Anyway thanks for sharing and giving me some ideas for gifts.