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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

can you believe Christmas is next friday? barely a week away. what are you doing to prepare? We finalized a list for neighbors we will be giving a few yummy treats to, and family and friends we will be sending a holiday greeting to. We will be doing an electronic holiday greeting this year in addition to a printed version. So if you'd like to receive some holiday cheer via email and oogle at my incredibly handsome husband and beautiful baby girl, send me your address. I love receiving and sending holiday cards and greetings during the holidays.

For the next week I hope your preparations go as planned and that among the potential mayhem you take time to smell the pine, sip some cocoa, kiss under the mistletoe, sing a few carols, dance to the Christmas station, and fill your home with the smell of the season.

I have two library books that are now four days overdue. I haven't taken them back because I don't want to brave the cold; I just want to cuddle up with a glass of hot (rice milk) chocolate with a few of these soaking it up. I guess I have to withstand the cold because Santa is visiting our ward christmas party tonight, and it will be Jane's first time. But tomorrow is saturday, and there's another snow storm on its way; luckily we have a bag of these on hand.

I'm so happy they were such a success. I want to create a fully chocolate version now.
Head over to my zupas post for the recipe, like now.
Even if it's 80 degrees out, you can roast them over a fire.

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...it snowed sunday, and then it was 5 degrees this morning, and jane looks so cute reading christmas stories.

Every day this week I've planned to make a few things in the kitchen but then something else comes to mind that pulls me away or keeps me elsewhere until suddenly it's time for dinner, then cuddles, and bedtime. Thoughts go through my mind like, 'I can't wait to try this {baked goody}' but then other thoughts take over like 'oh, jane looks so adorable here on her tummy, i should take a video'; or 'it's the perfect time for story time', or 'she can't stop giggling when i make this silly noise'; or 'we should take a walk in this winter wonderland because it's her first experience with snow'.

I'll share something from the oven tomorrow, promise.

My favorite day of the week has always been sunday, the calm peace of the sabbath is unique; there's no other day like it. But I have to admit that Saturday comes as a close second, especially like today. As I type we're all sitting on the couch together watching a snowy college ball game, the house is clean, a small butternut squash has finished roasting, and we're still in our pj's.

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I extended the giveaway for just a day.
I figure it gives a few stragglers and procrastinators time to enter, although your odds seem pretty awesome already. I'll pick and post a winner tomorrow afternoon.

a few thoughts...

Jane's new favorite toy is my measuring spoons, her little hand fits perfectly in the link that keeps them connected.
We visit the doctor in a few days to discuss testing and other options, afterward we'll have lunch with daddy at blue lemon.
I made this last night for a gathering and after the shortbread came out of the oven the smell was so powerful it made my sinuses hurt, haven't baked with butter and flour for a while.
I'm now making a wheat dairy and egg free version because I was jealous at aaron's reaction, he was incredibly excited when I came home with some leftover.
I also went to this last night and didn't anticipate the enormous crowd. I'm going back this afternoon to peruse.
sunday is hot pot with the family; first of the season.

and last but not least, my zupas post is up for the day. really, you don't want to miss it.

but who's counting?

it's the first day of december and our home is decorated, christmas music is playing, we've set tivo to record every holiday special imagineable and watched two last night, i've begun to imagine up the things i will bake, and holiday giftlists are popping up all over blogland. so naturally, i thought i would join in. oh, and i also thought i'd do a small giveaway while i'm at it, yipee. the first day of december feels like a holiday in itself; let the countdown begin!

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