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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

how was your week? did you enjoy my little sister's wit and prose? we are moved in although not completely unpacked. however it is starting to feel a little like home. I'm content with the kitchen, love the natural daylight, the view out our bedroom window/door, and the space; goodness the space. i get my own whole room for creating, albeit there is less kitchen counter space to play with.

As for blogging, I will be in and out within the next few weeks, surely with some beloved family recipes for you to enjoy for the holidays. thanksgiving is on its way, oh how I love this time of year. I will warn you, posts may be scant. sweet baby jane has a food allergy, poor thing. not sure exactly what it is just yet but this week is no dairy week, next week is no wheat. whatever it may be, it will surely change my eating plans for the holidays. If she is allergic to both I may cry a little, but I refuse to let it make my food life bland. I will find a way; ready for the adventure?

and of course, check out my zupas post today.


  1. jen, take heart. if she is allergic to one or both, she may grow out of it.

  2. this is true, very true. and why I hope we figure it out soon so I can get rid of whatever it is.