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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I do hope it was full of love, gratitude, and good food. I love spending the day with my family. This year we had seven of my aunt's eight kids and their families (the missing one is currently honeymooning), my family, and my granny all in the same house. It was bustling, noisy, and so fun. I brought some of my own meal, but I was happy to find that I could still have a few things since there's another in the family with a dairy aversion. I didn't feel as though I missed out, except when the lemon meringue and cheesecake were unveiled. But it's alright because I had a homemade pumpkin pie all to myself, and I ate some for breakfast this morning too.

I am in love with this glaze. the ginger, the apple; it's heavenly. And very sweet; so you have to pair it with something delicious and not too sugary or else the entire experience is a bit overwhelming. Check out my zupas post for the chocolate applesauce cakies I made (gluten and dairy free) to accompany the glaze and apple chips. I wish you could see Aaron's favorite way to eat them, take off the cupcake paper, open mouth as wide as possible, and stuff the entire cake in.

He does that with a lot of cupcakes.

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Thanksgiving is a season of gratitude, so I want to tell you about one seemingly simple thing I am grateful for. Jeanne Wotring was my grandmother's friend in ponca city, oklahoma. I'm not sure how long ago she shared this recipe with my grandmother but it has been a favorite in our family, specifically during the Thanksgiving feast, since before I came to existence. It is something I look forward to every november. My cousin in-law jumped on the assignment of making it this year since he thought it would be incentive for my 86 year old Granny to visit from texas for the holiday. I think her venture also had something to do with my other cousin's wedding the day before (today), but I am glad he's making it because Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without this jell-o salad. And I'm even more grateful that I still get to have some this year. Not an ounce of dairy, wheat or egg.

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I love finding success in the kitchen nowadays. A few days ago it was these cookies, and last night it was biscuits (that actually tasted and had the consistency of biscuits) atop a dairy free chicken pot pie. Jane's even having a little success too, she's been little miss independent the past few days with her business. I like to keep things clean so I'll just leave it at that and remind you to check out my first wheat and dairy free zupas post today.

and have a lovely weekend.

I hope I wasn't too depressing in my last post, I really didn't mean to be too down trodden. I appreciate all the encouragement though. So after making the decision to do a wheat and dairy free trial I went to the library and checked out books on allergy free cooking and baking, stopped by the local health food store for a few bags of various flours and substitutions, made some wheat free bread, lamented over the loss of a convenient and 'normal' gathering with my family next week, and then decided that things wouldn't be so bad after all.  I've actually been having fun with this little adventure, exploring new ways to bake, adapting old favorites to fit into my new diet, asking about every little menu option while eating out, and planning our own little holiday dinner.

Of course I've had some difficulties, no life changing experience is without them. However I don't want to be too grievous about it; after all it's for the most adorable cause ever. I'd do anything for that sweet little girl. So figuring out this food allergy will be a wheat, dairy and possibly egg free piece of cake.

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My life is now both dairy and wheat free. My appreciation for the allergy, celiac, and vegan communities has increased seven fold. More than that, really. Do you remember my first experience baking gluten free goodies? Well I had a few mishaps then, and I face more every day when I try to make something leavened from my oven. I feel as though I am learning how to bake all over again.  The fact is, completely wheat and dairy free store bought bread is hard to come by, but because of the ever increasing gluten-free community it is available at specific markets.  However it costs much more than I'm willing to spend for one small air-packed loaf of bread like nourishment. So naturally I thought, I'll just make it myself. It'll be cheaper, I'll know exactly what is in it, and life will be yeasty again. Then I realized that baking has always been an art, and I never was a proficient in the first place. So my failure at wheat and dairy free potato bread came as no surprise.  Honestly, it tastes like salt and air. My hopes for a delicious holiday season are slowly slipping away. What is Thanksgiving turkey without a warm buttery roll to sop the gravy?  Leftover Christmas ham without a hot flaky biscuit and mustard? {sigh.}

Can you tell I'm still in the mourning phase?

To be fair, I do have a list of recipes to try and blogs to peruse. The amount of resources from others living this homemade lifestyle is encouraging. It's just still so new to me. Maybe by December we will have this allergy business figured out. I now recognize the courtesy that it was, making that bridal shower a gluten free one. I experienced first hand how it feels to have a table of options with only one realistic choice, the raw stuff. Social engagements are a whole other animal.

If you have wheat/gluten/dairy-free bread making tips, or a recipe that even I can master, I do hope you'll share. I'm on the hunt for everything.

how was your week? did you enjoy my little sister's wit and prose? we are moved in although not completely unpacked. however it is starting to feel a little like home. I'm content with the kitchen, love the natural daylight, the view out our bedroom window/door, and the space; goodness the space. i get my own whole room for creating, albeit there is less kitchen counter space to play with.

As for blogging, I will be in and out within the next few weeks, surely with some beloved family recipes for you to enjoy for the holidays. thanksgiving is on its way, oh how I love this time of year. I will warn you, posts may be scant. sweet baby jane has a food allergy, poor thing. not sure exactly what it is just yet but this week is no dairy week, next week is no wheat. whatever it may be, it will surely change my eating plans for the holidays. If she is allergic to both I may cry a little, but I refuse to let it make my food life bland. I will find a way; ready for the adventure?

and of course, check out my zupas post today.

This post is mainly just a recipe post, no stories. And I know I said no chocolate for a while, but I can't help it. These cookies are a work in progress. I've been combining two recipes and so far this is what I've got. They're a smaller batch than these, and they're a little sweeter. The dough tastes a little bit like toffee, must be the brown sugar. This is one of the many recipes I've been perfecting over the years.

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