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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Sorry to interrupt your normal blogcast system but Jen is off galavanting in her new humble abode sans internet. She asked that I, her little sister, write a post in her stead to guide you sweet little sheepies to her Zupas post where she explains how to create some spooky treats! She even gave me permission to write whatever my little heart desired and get in some self promotion! What a brave sister. Don't worry, sis, I won't embarrass you too much and I'll try to keep my thoughts PG/short.

Today my PG attempting to be short and to the point heart is desiring to write about Halloween! I don't really know the demographic of the people reading my sister's blog, but I'm thinking you guys are with me in the "somewhat older" age range and dressing up, for people our age, is somewhat looked down upon by society. Well I think the social stigma that "Halloween is for children only!" is a bin of rubbish! I look forward to Halloween just so I can get my creative juices flowing and dress up in some crazy cool outfit!! I mean, how often do you get to be like a movie stars and dress up as something completely out of your everyday ordinary?! Do you even realize how epic this day is?! You can be whatever you want!!!

I've made my own costumes [with the help of my mother, of course] for two years running and let me just tell you, both were a project and 1/2! But I don't regret it at all!! Especially since, once everyone knows you've spent 10+ hours on your costume, you get an instant win for costume contests [note: I just received 1st place in my office competition for the second year running!]

Last year I was Marie Antoinette.


This year I'm a lion tamer!

So what do you guys do for Halloween? Do you just let your kids have all the fun while you don sweats to take them on the candy rounds? Or do you dress up with them? Do you attend parties with fellow adults? Do you get creative and come up with awesome original costumes/collaborations? Or are you too stressed to do anything fancy pantsy and just toss together a last minute outfit with the clothes you already own?

Feel free to share, in the comment section, any links to photos of your costume for this year [or previous years if you want to show those off] and enjoy these photos of adults letting their inner child out! Hopefully you can get inspired to make your own last minute outfit that isn't the run of the mill "1980's wild child" or plain jane witch [not that those are bad . . . but c'mon . . . have FUN with it!!!].

The Baby Doll: A quick and easy costume for all you full scheduled mommies!


What you need: A baby doll dress, two big bows [you can steal your little girl's bows, I won't tell anyone], a center part, teased up hair, rosy cheeks, and some eye liner freckles, et voila!

The Daddy/Mommy-Daughter/Son Combo: A fun collaboration with your kids!

What you need: A few days advanced notice [unless you have a fairy godmother in your back pocket] or a credit card, a kid who still thinks the world of you, an awesome theme [i.e. Prince/Princess, Transformer Robots, if a single kid family Three Musketeers, a family of rabbits/bees/other animal, Mike, Sully and Boo from Monster's Inc. . . . oh . . . I'm so doing that one if I have a little girl].


What you need: a group of friends who will follow through for you and a theme.

A Cult Classic: Blow everyone's mind!

What you need: I'll be honest. I don't have a clue how this kid got all of this together. [Oh! Oh! I know you'll need coconuts!!] Really? I just wanted to share it. When I saw this photo my mind was literally blown. Anywho, I've influenced my brother into dressing up as the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I told him to hide his body and make a flat surface that looks like the ground with body parts strewn about and his head popping up out of the flat surface with a helmet and a word bubble saying, "Tis but a flesh wound!!" {*gasp for air*} Sorry. A bit excited. We'll see if he follows through.

Oh the options!! For even more inspiration visit this site: 21st & Ivy

Have a fun and SAFE Halloween!

♥ Becks.

P.S. Sorry this ended up being so long! I've never been very talented at keeping things short and sweet. Also, the photos are not amazingly fabulous like Jen's. Please forgive me for that.

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