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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

tiny toes, grabby fingers, increasingly chubbier arms and legs, a sweet little bum, and a beautiful face with the most adorable expressions. my time has been filled with these wonderful little things, and I can't get enough of my sweet baby jane.

photo by her auntie booboo

sweet baby jane
born on a sunny wednesday in july 2009
10:13 am
6lb, 15oz
19.5 in long

now that the bun is out of the oven, I've spent much less time in the kitchen, and for good reason. I'm sure you concur.

until i return, check out my zupas posts, every friday.
here is today's.


  1. Congrats Lady . . .finally, I was waiting to see that little girl! She is beautiful, i knew she would be. I hope you're enjoying all the bliss that comes with a new lil one. Love you!

  2. She is soooo adorable! I would simply hold her, watch her sleep and get nothing else done all day~

  3. Oh, isn't she adorable. Congratulations.

  4. congrats on your cute little girl! she's a doll!

  5. Congratulations on the new little one. Girls are so much fun, I had five so I speak from experience. Enjoy the time with her they grow too fast. There is time for a blog later. Your family comes first

  6. She is beautiful. Congratulations! We'll be here when you get back to cooking! No rush - enjoy that angel!

  7. She is gorgeous!! I hope you are enjoying your time being a mommy!

  8. Congrats. You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Provo community