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While the rest of my neighborhood (you included?) plans their big fourth of July feasts, I'm planning meals and treats that I can freeze for our upcoming d-day; translation = delivery day. That's how I'll be celebrating my freedom, looking forward with courage to a different kind of independence day.

A few things on the menu include bran muffins (I hear they're indispensable), creamy enchiladas, my friend Meesh's yummy slow cooker chicken tacos, and of course cookie dough. Yesterday I baked 3 and froze 2 loaves of this banana bread. I hope they last, hub really likes to eat big slices of it.

The other meals we've planned are hub's mom's Chicken fruited salad, crockpot chili, BLT's (a staple our first month of marriage), Cream cheese & tomato bagel sammiches, wonton soup, and of course "loodows"; translation = noodles. Most of these other meals consist of fresh ingredients, so I'm doing all I can to assure the cooking steps are much shorter and everything is readily available. Then all we'd have to do is assemble & eat, or throw ready ingredients in the slow cooker, microwave, etc.

Now I'm sending out a call of help for good recipes and/or suggestions. If you've been through birth before, or lived with someone who did and have any suggestions/tips for my afterbirth menu I'd love to hear your comments and input. I'm also looking for a great creamy enchilada recipe and crockpot chili recipe that's freezable (for the first) and easily assembled (for the latter); translation = with canned/frozen foods.

Ready set go!
p.s. you're the best.

And just so you don't think I'm totally giving up on good food this holiday, i have planned some good eats and fun treats for our nation's birthday; don't you fret. I'll enjoy sipping something cool while watching the city parade. You'll see it tomorrow for my zupas post.


  1. this. is. the. neatest. most organized. freezer. EVER!