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One of my favorite songs to sing as a child was “If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops, oh what a world it would be.” It really would be wonderful if it started raining sugar drops of lemon. There’s just something about candies and sugar that takes me back to my childhood. Who doesn’t love candy? A small treat brightens up anyone’s day, although too much and it may damper it with a tummy and maybe a tooth ache. That’s where the maturity of an adult comes in, knowing when to stop. But a homemade sweet treat is loads better than just any ol’ candy; and these turtles, although far from being sugar drops, have got to be the easiest little candies to be made in your very own kitchen. Celebrate National candy month and make them today! Easy, delicious and sweet, who could ask for more?

Well, I’m sure your neighbor would ask for a few of their very own.

homemade turtles
via twig & thistle

mini pretzels (i found the snyder’s of hanover brand to be the perfect size)
pecan halves

Arrange pretzels on a cookie sheet placing one rolo on top of each pretzel. Bake at 220°F for about 2 minutes. Remove from oven and immediately squish those rolos with pecan halves. Let cool on a piece of parchment or freezer paper (not wax side). Of course there may be a few {dozen} missing by the time they’re completely cooled.

what’s your favorite candy?


  1. Question about the jello recipe... If you let the boiling jello mix cool before you add it to the existing layers how o you get it to pour on smoothly once it is cooled?

  2. You don’t let the jell-o cool completely to where it's set, just enough to the point where you know it won’t melt the other layers. So, lukewarm-ish.