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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Made this for our ward picnic. Hub got home minutes before we left and wouldn't leave the house before putting two slices in a Tupperware for him to eat later. And by slices he meant two whole rows. It was Darwin's natural selection in action; although in this case it was survival of the clever, or rather those who just don't want to fight small children for a slice of their wife's jell-o salad.

Come on over to the Zupas blog for the recipe.

and here's an apology.
my dear friend called me up the other day saying she tried my mom's lemon cake in little baby cakes. And surprise! they fell. I felt so bad, I meant to write in the original post that for some reason mine fell as well. I'm not sure how i forgot and i feel embarrassed that I didn't do it. I'm not sure why they fell, maybe the altitude? But I'm figuring out how to fix it. So keep in touch, but don't be afraid to make them even if they are ugly. They're still delicious.


BBQs, Picnics, and Potlucks are in season and when it’s so warm outside, everyone craves something cool and sweet. In Utah, jell-o salads are notorious for gracing the valley’s picnic tables, and for good reason. Children young and old love the colors, flavors, and memories tied to such a wonderful little dessert. This version may not be seen as often due to the time it takes to make, but it sure is a showstopper. Make it and bring it to your next neighborhood picnic. Your neighbors will ask you how you made it and maybe share their own memories of jell-o’s past, while simultaneously grabbing another serving.

layered jell-o

1¼ c boiling water (per packet)
8 - 3 oz. packets of various jell-o flavors and colors (raspberry, lime, pineapple, orange, mixed berry)
4 oz. sour cream
4 oz. cream cheese
about 8 oz. cool whip

Place 9×13 glass baking dish in refrigerator on level surface for at least 20 minutes or until completely chilled.

Whip the sour cream and cream cheese together until well combined in a large bowl. Add in the cool whip, whisking until smooth. Set aside.

In another bowl combine one packet of jell-o with 1¼ cup boiling water, let it cool slightly, about 10 minutes. Pour ¾ cup of the jell-o into the chilled baking dish making sure it covers the entire bottom and place back in the refrigerator until when you touch it, it is mostly set. With the remaining ½ cup of jell-o whisk in 3 Tablespoons of the cheese/cool whip mixture until smooth. Pour the jell-o/whip mixture on top of the set jell-o layer. Repeat for each flavor of jell-o making sure each layer is set before adding another (about 15 minutes).

Make sure that each layer is set well enough (it’s pretty much solid to the touch) before adding on a new layer.

Don’t forget to let the newly mixed jell-o & boiling water cool before you add the next layer on, if not it will melt the other layers and things will get all kooky with layers between, separated and to the sides of each other.

Once you get into the rhythm of making the layers, it’s becomes quite easy. You’ll be setting one jell-o layer in the fridge, while the next flavor is cooling.

If you have any questions or need help, ask! You can reach me here.

***The photographed jell-o was made with 6 oz. jell-o packets rather than the 3 oz. packets. The smaller packets allow for more layers meaning more colors!