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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Six weeks. that's how much longer I have.
Because I enjoy sitting criss-cross applesauce much more than standing and walking around, I've resorted to making simple, delicious meals and desserts rather than the elaborate continually-on-your-feet type of meals to assure that I'm not zonked out by 8:30.

This is one of those light, delicious recipes. And inherently i think of my grandmother every time. As a small child I remember visiting granny's home in Vidor and there are certain memories tied to her home there. Tapes full of recorded episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos when Bob Saget was the host, playing in large water puddles and searching for tadpoles, sitting at the 'kid's table' and eating my favorite cereal, watching my baby sister take her bath in the mudroom sink, and picking fresh berries to plop into sweetened cream or blue bell ice cream after dinner. Not only does this little dish remind me of evenings at Granny's, it reminds me of her because every morning she would sweeten her milk before adding her cereal.

I'm not sure what my brothers and sisters remember, and I'm sure we have similar memories as well as memories that I wouldn't be able to remember. But overall, granny's home was a magical place and I hope to go back someday even though I know it will be very different (like watching Pippi Longstocking for the first time after a decade or so, just not the same).

So tell me, what foods remind you of loved ones?

berries n' creme

half & half or full cream
sugar, to taste
fresh berries

dissolve sugar into cream according to preference, add berries, and voila. hub had apparently never had berries & cream before because when i brought him his bowl he turned his nose up at it. then it started to entice him so he tried it and needless to say, he approved. he even said, 'wow, this is really good"; simple things are always the best.


  1. You forgot about watching Peter Pan! The version with the female actress casted as Peter. And the ever so entertaining watching grandma sit down at the kid's table and eat ice cream without her dentures in!!! I think that's the only reason why I wanted to go to grandma's was to watch her eat without dentures.

    In other news, this looks tasty and makes me think of what dad made me eat last night:

    Peach Jello
    Whipped cream
    A pinch of Milk (giggle)

    Tasty as all get out. Loves you sis!

  2. that was the other thing I was going to add, but decided i had a long list already. there's so many more to add!

    my next post will be a jello one, maybe dad will like it. dad and his peaches...

  3. Weird! my dad introduced jello with evaporated milk. it tastes awesome!!!!!!!! you guys must try it.