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it's earth day.

to celebrate i'm finally dropping off our recycling; making something from scratch, and picking up some organic eggs from the clifford family farm. I love all the different colors and sizes they come in and that the sticker on the carton says "farm fresh eggs laid at will by a variety of organic fed, galavanting chickens" i imagine them dancing and skipping about for some reason.

I got this recipe from a woman named Deena, my friend's mother. When I was a freshman in college a bunch of us loaded into his suburban and headed down to Vegas for a weekend. We played silly road trip games that made us laugh the whole time, walked the strip, went to a college football game, and he and his family graciously put us all up for the night; all 12 or so of us. I shared a room with a girl I was just getting to know, and since then we've become the best of friends. We're even a week apart with our first pregnancies. Wonderful memories and friendships were made that year, and especially within those few days.

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